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Missys Q1 Chop Shop Part IV



Hello :)


I have managed a little more today. Hopefully its getting close to completion now with the motor being the only major bit left to do on this engine. Today I have added a few details to the engine like new finer handrails and lamp mount bracket thingys instead of the moulded ones.




I have also spent a bit more time on the tender wheels. The plain ones were erm, too plain, so with the help of a dividing head (thank you Mark) I added a little bit of detail to them.




They finally turned out like this..




OK, not exactly how the real ones were like but they look better than plain disk wheels plus you wont really be able to see much of them once fitted anyway. Half of them have been dunked in brass blackening solution by the way.

Its off to the paint shop tomorrow (Hopefully)


Missy :)


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I just don't know how you do it Missy in such a small scale, perhaps I should have gone to Specsavers!!!:blink:


Are we going to see the 9F next or have you something else in mind?




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Nice work Missy - TBH, although I am not a big fan of steam, the Q1 has always been my favourite loco so am really enjoying seeing this evolve.



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I see you've gone 7mm Missy! Or so you'd think, judging by how detailed this thing looks. Brilliant icon_thumbsup2.gif

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