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Callow Lane - very low relief backscene factory

Captain Kernow


In the previous blog entry, I mentioned that the next job on 'Callow Lane' would be the production of a low-relief factory, based on the new Scalescenes 'northlight' engine shed kit and this has now been completed.


I have previously described the construction of the Taffson Evans lineside factory, which is built in part-relief, and is partly about providing a bit of background detail in lieu of a flat backscene. This was also based on a free Scalescenes warehouse kit, albeit fairly heavily modified and with new scratchbuilt corrugated extensions.


I always planned to add something else to the left of it (as you view the layout), between the factory and the road level crossing near the cottages (the photos will make this clearer), but I wasn't sure what that might be.


In the end, I discovered the recent release by Scalescenes of their new engine shed kits and bought both the 'northlight' and gable-ended roof kits, as I thought they would also have potential in terms of industrial buildings. In the end, the initial part of the factory was really rather small for a premises that is purported to have once manufactured narrow gauge locos and other 'heavy engineering' products, so the extension using the engine shed prints has really increased its size to something a bit more credible, even if the new sections dominate the older bit slightly...


The extension proved to be so 'low relief' as to be almost flat, although it is not quite as bad as simply pasting a photograph onto the backscene, but there really wasn't much space, as the photos will show!


This is the Taffson Evans factory before work on the backscene factory extension began:





Here is a typical page from the Scalescenes kit, printed out:



I had sufficient room to incorporate five 'bays' of the northlight structure. The main elevation would use Dalerboard mounting card, but first I cut two and a half of the Scalescenes printed templates out and taped them together, to form a 'five bay' structure:



The paper template was then lightly taped over the Dalerboard and the main shape cut out in card, including the windows. Two and a half brick paper prints were then cut out and each glued in turn to the Dalerboard. I use 'Pritt' type glue sticks for this (I read somewhere recently that the glue doesn't cause the paper to go damp). Each component, once glued, is then weighted down with heavy books and whatever other weighty stuff I can find, and left to go off overnight.


Once the base layer of brick paper was glued to the Dalerboard, I needed to start matching the new structure up to the existing factory building:





From the back, it all looks a bit 'Heath Robinson' (although this will eventually be permanently attached to the backscene proper):



Here is the basic shell, with the base layer of brick paper attached, plus the vertical buttresses:



The plinths were cut out and their respective brick paper coverings glued on. I had to make some plinth sections deeper, because the ground falls away slightly on the layout. These have only just been glued:



And this was immediately followed by ensuring that they were lying flat, and then covering them with more heavy books and something else with a bit of weight in it, and leaving the lot overnight:



Work continued, with the plinths and drain pipes being added, plus the window sills and a representation (in Evergreen plastic strip) of the edge of the roof. For the glazing, I used some pre-printed factory type glazing sheets produced by Freestone Model Accessories, suitably weathered with a dilute dirty enamel mix and wiped off almost immediately, Black paper was attached in behind each window. A little weathering followed, and the completed extension was again matched up to the original factory structure on the layout. Please excuse the awful green poster paint on the area in front of the factory, but I thought it would look slightly better than the bare newspaper & PVA landscape, prior to the application of some proper scenery...



I have temporarily fixed a large sheet of light blue/grey Dalerboard behind the layout at this point - this is not what the final backscene will look like, nor will it be as high as this Dalerboard has been fixed, either!





Some kind of water colour or toned-down photographic representation of the lane receding into the distance, flanked on both sides by industrial buildings, will need to be provided immediately behind the level crossing:



The corrugated extension to the original factory has now become a small 'lean to' workshop extension:



More general views:







When it comes to sorting out the backscene proper, I think I will add some hint or representation of further factory structures behind and slightly higher than the 'northlight' structure, to give the whole scene a bit more depth:




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  • RMweb Premium

Excellent work, Tim. I'm interested in that you have used different media to represent brickwork across the layout and it seems to be working. I've never been brave enough to try it myself but you may just be changing my mind!

Approve of the reading matter as well. Peter Gray, an excellent photographer.



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Looking great.

Nice to see some excellent card building in this section.

Will the factory get some weathering? It looks very clean now.

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  • RMweb Gold

Will the factory get some weathering? It looks very clean now.

Yes, I meant to mention that I will be using some powders on it probably, in due course!

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  • RMweb Gold

Do you have an outing in mind for the layout Captain?

There are one or two bookings for it, some firmer than others, none until 2015...!!

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may i say you have got the card kits bang on the money. i have made some metcalf kits last year and really enjoyed building them.

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There are one or two bookings for it, some firmer than others, none until 2015...!!

Only just over a year away....

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"I use 'Pritt' type glue sticks for this (I read somewhere recently that the glue doesn't cause the paper to go damp)."

Per my experience Pritt sticks DO CAUSE the paper to go damp

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  • RMweb Gold

"I use 'Pritt' type glue sticks for this (I read somewhere recently that the glue doesn't cause the paper to go damp)."

Per my experience Pritt sticks DO CAUSE the paper to go damp

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