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blog-0213977001394286832.jpgWanted to say to a wider group than before how tremendously supportive I have found the RMweb community. Tucked away in the 'Railways of Scotland' section of the Forum you will find my first entry where I asked for information about Hurlford MPD and access to Barleith station; I mentioned my terminal illness and need to work to a short time scale. I was amazed at the response which genuinely made me feel part of a larger family! I simply wanted to publicly thank all concerned with this facility.

My current design for a layout based on Hurlford is at the early drawing board stage and I now have enough information (a lot of it thanks to this site) to begin the detailed plan of the coaling stage-turntable section of the complex. When this is done, I shall start on the shed but this is so large that I may have to adjust lengths etc. Does anyone have any idea about how access to Barleith Station was achieved - I am totally embarrassed to admit that I often arrived there on the footplate (usually a 2P driven by one of my Dad's friends) after Saturday morning cinema in Kilmarnock but I simply cannot remember how one got from there to the 'block of maisonettes' where I lived as the son of a driver based at the shed in the fifties!! old age creeping? I would like to include the station at the front of the baseboard if space, time and funds allow. Happy modelling to all and once again a big thank you to all who have posted best wishes and shown support - it appears that RMWeb is set to become the most used site on both iPad Air and PC!

Kind regards,

Jock67B (aka Jack Kerr).

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Looking at the Hurlford area on Railmap Online, it seems there are more miles of abandoned track in the area than one would have thought possible. In Warwickshire we are blessed with the wonderful site warwickshirerailways.com which forms the backbone for my research. Such a shame this resource is not available for other counties.

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