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A big little world

Andy Y


As I mentioned in this month's BRM topic ......

It's a shame we didn't have space to use one or two of the images of the National Brewery Centre's model of Burton a little larger a there's so much detail in there; maybe I'll post them later in the month on here as an extra.


Please do make time to go and see this model if you get chance; if it were an exhibition layout (which it never will be as it weighs a ton!) and the trackwork was infilled it would certainly draw the crowds as I can't think of any exhibit which has as many buildings, windows and chimney pots. The model shows Burton as it was on Monday 10th October 1921. Why that day? A local photographer had been out recording town scenes which were invaluable to the modellers who made this impressive panorama.






The full article about the museum is in this month's BRM - http://www.pocketmags.com/viewmagazine.aspx?titleid=856&title=British+Railway+Modelling&utm_source=modelrailwayslive&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=warnersgroup#5243f79396678


Right now there's a special offer to subscribe to the digital edition for £19.99 if you click the link above.



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Anyone fancy photoshopping in some smoke from all those chimneys to add to the atmosphere?


(Ducks, runs and hides in a corner!)

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All those beautiful buildings....and then that loco. AAAAaaggghhh!!!

To be fair the needs of running a heavily used push button requires reliability and that can only be found from some continental chassis and the approximations of bodies that can fit; an average UK N/009 RTR chassis would be dead in a month or two.

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