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    Heljan UK representative, former editor of Model Rail magazine and BRM, involved in the model railway market professionally since 1996 and as a modeller for as long as I can remember.
    Interested in railways of all kinds, especially BR Sectorisation era, Woodhead electrics, Irish/German/Swiss railways and Class 50s. I model BR 'OO' late-1980s/early-1990s and late-1990s German/Swiss 'HO', amongst other things!

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  1. Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, as with any model, we can’t do every livery option for every version in the first batch but there’s nothing to stop us doing one or the other in the second batch (assuming Batch 1 sells well enough to justify a rerun!)
  2. It will be a shade under 350mm long - the real thing was 87ft 3in over the buffers. We haven't designed the packaging yet, but expect the length to be something akin to a medium sized O gauge diesel box (but not as deep).
  3. Hello, For the avoidance of doubt, as there seems to be a perception that the LNER Garratt will somehow be a rehash of an older model, our new LNER U1 Garratt is a completely new model of a different loco that has nothing in common with the LMS model. It has been designed from scratch to our specification (as opposed to the specification laid down by the customer, in the case of the LMS Garratt) and it will be produced in a different factory which has a reputation for good quality. There will always be the odd 'rogue' among a batch of mass produced RTR models (no-one is immune from that), but this model will not go into production until we are entirely satisfied with its quality and performance. Hope this helps. Ben
  4. No firm release date at the moment unfortunately. We hope to have new samples before CNY and that will give us a better idea of the likely timescale. As it’s a new product for the factory concerned we want to make sure they get everything as we want it. On the up side, we know the quality is higher than the previous factory so the disappointment of the closure will (eventually) be something of a blessing in disguise.
  5. Thanks for the message. All three Class 86/4 rerun samples were produced by a new factory (due to the closure of the previous factory responsible for 86 production). Unfortunately they used some wrong parts for the first set of decorated samples and the samples were immediately rejected. Completely take your point about displaying incorrect samples and we avoid it wherever we can but at the time they were purely for illustrative purposes. New samples should be with us in the New Year that will have the correct combination of details for the locos modelled.
  6. We have no plans at the moment. It would need its own bespoke bodyshell and internal lighting set-up (our Peaks don't have separate nose ends and we haven't done a late-build centre headcode end yet) and we didn't feel that the additional cost was justified for one loco in one, maybe two, liveries and relatively small demand.
  7. The CAD image is the current state of play but I’ve asked our designer to look at it again.
  8. The model of D9 (not 44009) is pre-crash with standard ends.
  9. The model has been designed so that earlier locos have MW equipment and, as with the Class 45s, the sandboxes for the inner ends of the bogies are in the bag of optional detail parts and can be quickly and easily added if you need them. There are lots of little differences from the 45s that have been incorporated on the new 44 tooling - and quite a few differences even among the 10 locos that we have built into the tooling. Windscreens have been reshaped in response to feedback about the 45s as has the curve at the top of the cab doors. Hope this helps. Ben
  10. That's not the case. Windscreen shape has been adjusted in response to feedback about the Class 45. Likewise there's been a very small adjustment to the curved area at the top of the cab door to make it more obvious.
  11. Thanks. We think it will be good value, especially considering that it is effectively 2x 2-8-0s and four sets of wheels and motion. You will be able to order direct from www.Heljan.dk in the EU without having to get involved in any UK-related complications.
  12. We had no involvement in the Hattons LMS Garratt in N. It was as much a surprise to us as everyone else! No plans to get into N scale, we have more than enough on our plate with OO and O at the moment!
  13. The next batch of O2s is about to go into production. Despite the setback of the factory closure we’ve put a lot of work into improving detail parts and performance with the new factory and the deco will be much better (I have to admit giving the original batch a fairly critical mag review some years ago). Although it’s true that the real U1 shared parts such as driving wheels and cylinders with the Gresley O2s we are not carrying anything from our O2 over to the Garratt. New design and a factory that has done some excellent stuff for us recently - a very different animal. Thanks for the O1 suggestion. Let’s see how the new O2s sell first!
  14. IIRC Maunsell wanted to build some for the West of England route.
  15. Yes. It’s designed for R2 curves. The speakers will be under the boiler as the noise comes out of the chimney. And it depends on how long your release road is. ;-)
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