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90xx - Research & Reference Photographs



The 90xx Dukedog classes were obviously synonymous with the Cambrian system and as you'd expect many of them passed through Oswestry Works over the years, in fact probably all of them did at some point! Modelling the works gives a good excuse to model a number of Dukedogs and I've been researching not just which ones frequented the works the most often, but the many varied combinations of components, such as position of smokebox lampirons, sandboxes above/below the footplate, small/long/no whistle shield, parallel or tapered buffers, fluted or fish belly rods.. the list goes on! (for an excellent and comprehensive list of variations see http://www.gwr.org.uk/no-dukedogs.html)


1954 to 1959 is the main focus of the diorama as this is the period I have found works registers for. The table below shows which 90xx's were in the works and how often:




Dukedog's that stand out for me as options to model are as follows:



- 3 times in the works between 1954 and 1959

- Spent her whole life on the Cambrian (allocated to MCH, ABR and OSW)

- Above footplate Sandboxes

- Tapered Buffers pre 1958(?) Parallel afterwards

- Fluted rods

- In store in Oswestry for 2 years before withdrawal in July 1959



- 4 times in the works

- Oswestry Works carried out minor overhaul before her departure to the Bluebell



- 3 times in the works between 1954 and 1959

- Parallel Buffers & Tall Whistle Shield

- Red background plates and GWR Button Motif still just about visible on the tender!

- Withdrawn 1960


Finally either 9004, 9014 or 9022, to represent the class with a topfeed. Most likely Croes Newydd's 9014 as she featured on railtours


Another aspect to the research has been the great fortune of having Bluebell's 9017 only 40 minutes away at Sheffield Park! I made a visit a couple of weeks ago and spent a bit of time with her getting some reference photos. It'll sound daft I know but after spending so long looking at photos, books, websites etc, actually seeing 9017 in the flesh felt like visiting an old friend!




Here's some of the reference photos, I hope they may be of use to anyone else looking to add a little extra detail to the Bachmann Dukedog:


1. Traces of the cab spectacle windows filled in



2. Footstep on the tapered buffers



3. Steam heatpipe fittings



4. Pipework under the running plate



5. Same pipework where it enters the cab



6. Front pony detail, will be a challenge removing that unsightly coupling pocket from the Bachmann!





7. Smokebox, Handrail, Chimney details



8. Fisheye shot inside the cab


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Excellent pics considering the cramped conditions. I wonder if 9017 will ever be steamed again, or is it now just too far gone?


The works visits listing is very informative - 1954 was obviously a busy year for Dukedog maintenance!

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Thanks Miss Prism, the wide angle lens definitely came in handy!  9017 is awaiting a boiler overhaul as far as I'm aware, not sure if there are any specific issues. 


1954 was an interesting year to look at in detail, one thing that stands out is the 37 or Ivatt 2MT's that pass through the works, I guess their first overhaul since being sent en-mass to Oswestry in 1952.  

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  • RMweb Gold

Well that's just typical. The fussy drama queens get all the fame. What about the modest locos that never asked for attention, aren't you going to model any of those? ;-)


Seriously though, another interesting extract from the log books, Alan. And as Miss P says, some very nice shots.

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Fair point Mikkel :) Sadly there aren't many other GWR types keeping 9017 company at the Bluebell!  I did however get plenty of shots of visiting 56xx No.5643 and a 4575 class in London Underground livery, No. L150.  More on them to come shortly... :)

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I only meant (jokingly) that the ones you are considering to model (9005, 9017, 9018) are the ones that visited the works most often - ie they must have been the poorest builds, and yet they get all the attention :-)


Sounds good about the other photos.

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Aha I get you :D Yes, there might well be a running theme in my choices of loco to feature in the works, the repeat offenders certainly are at the top of the list - 1432 for example, Oswestry's stalwart on the Gobowen auto, 11 times in the works in 5 years, 6 visits in 1956 alone!  (the rest of the class making 1 visit or 2 max!)


I'm also trying to represent class members with some historical significance, 46512 for example which hauled the last service to Llanfyllyn as part of the SLS 'Farewell to the Cambrian' railtour in 1965, or unsung stalwarts such as 3208 which as far as I know spent its whole life at Oswestry.

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Lovely pics.  Again, hats off to you Alan for your research.  You never think of those little modifications that happened on locos which made each of them unique and individual.  It's this genuine love of the real thing that'll stand out in your layout.

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Cheers Mike! There's more to come, working all over the country these last few weeks has its advantages of getting to some of the preserved lines with the camera.

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