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Ricoh Preparations: Fake Teak

Will J


Evening all,


I'm trying to do one post a week in the run up to RMWeb live. Just a quick one this week, hopefully more coming soon.


Replying to comments from last week's installment:



richbrummitt: (edit.. 2m's and 2t's) That young gentleman in the second picture looks very happy. How old is he now and what impact has he had on modelling progress?


He is just nine months, and is taking a healthy interest in modelling, to the extent that certain modelling supplies have migrated to higher shelves! He stays with his slightly older cousins while Katie and I are are at work, who are involving him in some epic Thomas the Tank Engine toy train set constructions, which he enjoys. Modelling process in recent months has been set back more by working away from home so much (1:1 scale railway engineering....) and a house move. The latter has had a silver lining in a little office room that is all mine, with a long, unencumbered wall along one side just waiting for a layout.


paulprice: As an LMS man I must say the LNER coaches look great any chance of some more photos?


Here you go. All based on Dapol underpinnings. The Great Northern carriage is a bit of an approximation with some home printed panels, the open 3rd is an Ultima etched side, I'm quite pleased with the wooden paint effect. Bits of humbrol, and detailing with, of all things, a black biro...








To finish, some freight. See you all soon!



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