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Packing for Warley

Phil Parker


It's nearly Warley weekend and I'm busy packing Owen's Bridge up for the BRM stand.


With the fragile wooden bridge out front, I don't want to chuck the layout in the back of the car without some protection so it's now got a wooden cover. Just in case I can't remember what's in there, I've stenciled the layout name on the top in a suitable military style.




To make the stencil, I printed out the name in an appropriate font on a sheet of paper and cut out the letters with a sharp knife. The paper was then stuck to the woodwork with masking tape and then painted by splodging emulsion around with some coarse sponge - actually an old fishtank filter.


I think it looks pretty good and best of all I'll know which way around the box goes over the layout. Anything for a quick getaway at the end of the show!


Now, as well as the layout, there is space for a few older projects on the stand. Anyone got any they'd like me to bring along?

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Do you have any old O-16.5 or On30 locos or stock kicking around - perhaps "Harlech Castle", or something similar?

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Sorry - I've not done any O16.5 projects for BRM yet and as for On30 - that's one of those foreign scales, it would be enough to give some people an attack of the vapours!

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I saw "Owen's Bridge" at "Warley" on Saturday - it looked good - and it also seemed to run fine when I was there.


Your idea of having a second Simplex makes sense - as it provides an insurance policy.

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