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GWR A30 Autocoach detailing

The Fatadder



So with the D95 coaches rather stuck awaiting an order of some new 0.5mm drill bits, it was time to get started on the next project. Detailing an Airfix autocoach as a diagram A30, with the Dart Castings detailing kit.


The first step was to completely dismantle the donor coach, followed by preparation of the shell and chassis removing moulded detail

This consisted of the removal of hand rails, door handles, lamp irons, end steps, underframe trusses and battery boxes.

Unfortunately I was a little hasty in my reading of the instructions, and completely missed that it included new side steps….


The first job was the replacement of the underframe truss. As I was unaware of the replacement steps, I kept the truss that goes through them, fabricating a replacement truss for the remainder (missing 12mm or so from one end.) This was soldered up from square section brass to match the plastic remains.


This was followed by the battery boxes (for which I did away with the etched handles replacing with brass wire.) These didn’t go together quite so easily as the Frogmore ones used on the D95s.


Next up the auto working equipment, this was formed slowly working step by step adding more and more material. Before adding the final rods I replaced the bogies (now fitted with P4 wheels) and drilled the holes for screw couplings.


Moving to the body, it was a simple case of adding the replacement details (thankfully a few spares are also included). Managed to get through 4 of my 0,4mm drills in the process…..


With the outside finished, all that remained was to paint the interior and then glue the cab interior fittings into position, and the model is now ready for painting (once it warms up!) along with the E116 B Set, D95s and H33. Hopefully will get a couple more coaches finished in the near future as well….

I think a couple of sunshine stock conversions would be good, then there is the thoughts about modelling a Weston-Super-Mare set after the Centenaries were transferred post war………


But first I want to get on with some kit building, Manor or 2251 body or maybe a chassis for my County……

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  • RMweb Gold

Nice job Rich.


Could you take a couple of photos of the chassis please? I've yet to do mine!





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  • RMweb Gold

What an improvement! I like the neat work with the fittings on the ends.


Glad to hear I'm not the only one who goes through small drills quickly, I always thought it was me doing something wrong. 

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Hi Fatadder, I'm looking at eventually doing a similar job and just wanted to know how you go about doing the windows, as I can't tell from the photos if you have fitted them in this particular post? Dart Castings suggest Laserglaze, not something I have seen mentioned before. Lots of lovely stuff on this blog!

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  • RMweb Gold

I haven't actually got around to painting it yet so no glazing. The bogies currently have P4 wheels fitted so it can't be used on Brent, (and I have never seen a photo of an auto coach through Brent)


The glazing will be Shawplan lazerglaze when I eventually do it

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