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Morning All,

I popped into Rails of Sheffield briefly on Saturday and found that they had pre-production samples of the LMS black/silver 10000 and 10001 on display. Apart from one or two minor decoration alterations that need to be made, they look very good indeed. The finish of the black body and silver bogies is superb, as are the chromed metal details, as can be seen in the photos. No further indications on delivery dates, but expect them to be 3-4 months away once the corrections have been signed off. Contact Rails via the usual channels to place advance orders or obtain more information.


Have a good day.













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  • RMweb Gold

That's an intriguing thought. However,Bachmann's standard 3 pole motor would be competing with a Canon motor with a performance second to none.....well,it did cost

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Absolutely beautiful.........now how do I get to the credit card statements before SWMBO

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One major advantage for the Bachmann Twins is that they stay on the rails. I sold my FIA Trains 10001 (eventually) because I couldn't run it anywhere, except in a straight line. The slightest whiff of a curve and it was off into the ballast. Nice as it is to have a solidly-built RTR brass model, I prefer the Bachmann models in terms of looks, detail and performance (and price). If you want something to run, rather than look pretty in a display case, there's really no competition. How's that for a comparative test?

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