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Nottingham Victoria by Tony Phillips

Phil Parker


In the February issue of BRM, I showed a few photos taken last year when I went over to Australia to talk to the British Railway Modellers of Australia convention. After the main event, we enjoyed a couple of days visiting members layouts around Adelaide.


One of the highlights was Tony Phillips model of Nottingham Victoria. This lives in a 40ft by 32ft railway room and is simply awe inspiring when you see it. Reader Keith Dyson from Nottingham e-mailed me to ask if I had any more photos. Well, it's taken me a while to find them, but here are more shots of this amazing project.


Nottingham Victoria main view.jpg


Nottingham Victoria.jpg


Looking inside the train shed, still unfinished but looking good.


Inside the train shed.jpg


Nottingham Victoria station.jpg


The builder usually finds himself in charge of the MPD during operating sessions.


Nottingham Victoria Shed.jpg


Coal traffic is important and on a layout this large, you need a big loco to handle it.


Nottingham Victoria  Mine.jpg


Nottingham Victoria Garratt.jpg


Finally, the man who built all this, Tony Phillips.




Thanks again to the British Railway Modellers of Australia. If you are planning a trip "down under", get in touch with them as they are a friendly bunch with some great model railways.

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Yes, there's another bloke in Melbourne who's modelling the LSWR lines around Exeter Central.....including Exeter Central.


That's the thing about Australia. Plenty of space for a layout.

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Utterly amazing Phil, I would not have come home!


Thanks for posting and confirming I was born a few years too late ......

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As an ex-british rail board employee who worked for a few years at Nottingham Victoria, all I can say is WOW!!


Tony really has done his homework to produce such a wonderful recreation of the original 'Old Vic' in model form and the 'train shed' photo instantly transported me back to 1960. If I wanted to be hyper-hyper critical, the model is built on the level whereas the station itself was set down in a huge hole - but I'll forgive this as its such a terrific model.


On photo 4 I can actually see my old office window above the parcels dept - he's even managed to pull in the old vic hotel which was joined to the right of the station building - Milton Street looks pretty good to.


Well done Tony - thanks for the memories it's just a pity you don't live a little nearer.



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Just to echo other comments here - especially the 'WOW!'   Great modelling.  Well done Tony and thanks to Phil for showing us this amazing model railway.



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Brilliant Tony, very much as I remember it in the late sixties. Went there quite a few times as a young fireman from Banbury usually with Drivers Harold Radford or George Wilson who had been transferred to Banbury after the closure of Woodford.

   Keep up the good work and the GC alive and kicking!


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Hi Phil,

Thanks for posting these photos.  I was not able to attend the BRMA convention as my wife changed her holidays to that very week.  I hope to visit some time this year and hopefully see this layout and others for myself.  I am about 7hours drive away. 


You must publish these in the Magazine so others can see this inspirational layout.


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Let's just say Australia has a large number of British modellers who have space and time to produce some lovely layouts. Horse has mentioned Exeter which has grown some what from what he saw all those years ago. It now has wade bridge and a representation of Victoria!


Let's just say BRMA could be quite a rich seam of articles and layouts that could fill the pages of BRM for at least a year!

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