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A return to the blogosphere



Well that's not bad, it's only been about 9 months this hiatus, unlike the year one previously...


So, what's been going on in that time?


In all honesty, not a lot. The embankment had the 'soil layer' installed and painted late last March, before progress ground to something of a halt. There was a reason for what was fully intended as a temporary pause, possibly needing some static grass and a holiday, but whatever it was, it is lost in the mists of time, and ever since, the layout has been standing on end in the hall, getting in the way and shaming me every time I walk up the stairs.


It has also, not unreasonably or unsurprisingly, earned the ire of the wife, who has asked me to 'do something' with it. Now, this is where the problems come in. As it is, the layout can only be worked on on the lounge floor, ideas of getting trestles or legs made up never came to fruition. This leads directly to the second problem, in that it could only really be operated in the lounge too - my planned 'home' of the bedroom sideboard was torpedoed early on.


However, there is a light - or rather two lights - at the end of the tunnel. Firstly, Litlington will most definitely not be scrapped - the Foam baseboards have remained incredibly stable throughout the spell in decommission, and I am now convinced of their long term suitability. The layout is at a stage where it can quite comfortably be left for a while, until more space is available, and then picked up with the bits I struggle with (wiring and ballasting) already done. So, when time allows, the plan is to move it to my parents loft, where it will be safe and dry, and can stay until we move to somewhere bigger.


The second light comes from something I should have done at the start and adapted my plans to suit current living arrangements - something smaller. Above my computer desk is space for a shelf, of between 3' and 4' in length, depending on how much I impinge on the lounge wall - and I have been granted permission to put something in on the proviso that "this one gets finished". Whilst nothing can actually physically start until after Litlington has been moved, preliminary planning has. With my long-term intention to complete Litlington, my thoughts are to build a 'complementary' layout, using the same scenario (and buildings for the time being). I was initially torn between modelling just a section of the line, or the shingle loading point at Cuckmere Haven, but the former just doesn't appeal and the latter needs more space to do it justice - so after much pondering, have decided to model the smallest station on the line (the rough track plan in the History posts will change!)


Litlington is sleeping, but the time is Ripe to move on...


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I know the area well having discovered Litlington whilst walking the South Downs Way. There is a great pub there, better than anything in touristy Alfriston. Also a brewery nearby, their Old Man winter beer is fabulous. You're quite right about modelling Cuckmere Haven, you'd need a huge baseboard to do this spectacular coastline justice. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


John D

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Thanks John - it is a very nice part of the world.


I've tried Long Man beer before, to be honest I wasn't a fan of their lager I had on draught in a local bar, but when this diet finishes maybe I will try one of their bitters. I still have a bottle of Harveys Christmas Ale to get through as well - now that is nice!

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