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  1. ER; Season 9, Episode 1. Between 40.42 and 41.25. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/er/on-demand/32059-001 That is most definitely not the right train for Heathrow 😜
  2. Snip from Google Maps as I didn't take a photo, but was surprised to note the NSE signage still on the 'box at Lancing last Friday.
  3. Quite a day. After having the rear pads and discs changed on the car yesterday, complicated by a stuck brake caliper that also needed replacing, today we had a puncture about a mile after leaving home 😵‍💫. Fitter arrived just in time, and made it to Eastbourne station just as 37418 and Caroline were pulling in. Grab shots through the fence, straightened and slightly cropped but otherwise untouched.
  4. Caroline out and about on Tuesday; Victoria-Tonbridge via Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings https://live.rail-record.co.uk/train.php/?c=K01235&d=2024-04-09
  5. Hope you cut the coupon for the free rolls out first!
  6. You'll most probably be wanting the platform 'legs' from Dart; https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/dartcastings.php#DETAILINGPARTS(OOGAUGE)
  7. One of my more eccentric habits is to catch up on the day's news from over 100 years ago. Way back in 2014, the Daily Telegraph started sharing their archived edition - Sundays, aside from a few in the very early part of World War One, are missing (they didn't exist), and the actual dedicated website seems to have vanished too, but the files are still active if you search for them on Google - for example February 19, 1914; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02821/Telegraph1914_1902_2821342a.pdf Edit; missed a sentence! This was done to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1, and goes up until December 31st 1918. Anyway, today in 1914 there was a fairly interesting piece on Frederick Restall, who was evidently a very popular man. Note the (very) thinly veiled dig at the Great Eastern for appointing the first non-British General Manager towards the end! I'm hoping that as this is now 110 years old it is considered out of copyright, but if it isn't and needs to be removed, apologies!
  8. Have now had a chance to have a proper read - inspiring stuff with some stunning photography as previously mentioned, and as close as I've seen to a 'coffee table' book for model railways. There are some great ideas, but also much to ponder, showing that the whys and the feelings that something invokes are just as, if not more, important than the 'how tos'. You have a lovely style @James Hilton , and with this and the Small Layout Design Handbook on my shelf, I look forward to a third joining them...(?)
  9. My copy was delivered today - some stunning photography and some really interesting ideas. Looking forward to a proper read over the weekend.
  10. Yes, I seem to remember you sharing the pictures of your last visit! Am currently weighing up a midnight trip to Eastbourne.
  11. Heads up for tonight; https://live.rail-record.co.uk/train.php/?c=H09040&d=2024-02-07 Rail Record reports 37057 on 3Q08 Hither Green-Hither Green
  12. Been following on the blog - it really is a lovely layout/diorama. Oozes with atmosphere.
  13. Must say I'm very taken with the LBSC horsebox! Looks like a range of very useful kits!
  14. Late to the party (was expecting to be able to pick up whilst away with work earlier in the month, but didn't manage it), but what an excellent issue. Geoff Kent's new layout looks as if it will be exquisite.
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