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Coach Painting - Toplights and Sleeper

The Fatadder


A lot of good progress on clearing the paint backlog today.


First up the ex LNWR composite getting a coat of LMR maroon.  I’m not overly keen on the final shade here, is it not a bit too much towards the pink end of the spectrum?


i think once I have added lining and logos etc I will give it a wash of a brown mix to tone it down.


If an LMS modeller going to the members day would like to swap a set of 1947 LMS coach logos / numbers for a GWR equivalent i would most appreciate it.  Buying a whole sheet for one coach seems a little wasteful.




Next up a pair of Slaters Toplights (a third and a compo).  There are some issues on the Brown here which will be touched up by brush (hopefully).  Very important coaches to get complete given how different they look to the RTR stock.




Talking of completing formations, next is the final Centenary.  This coach has been nothing but trouble.   I should have masked the brown off when respraying the cream yesterday, but I didn’t...   naturally that resulted in another bit of cream paint lifting off when I removed the tape.  (The reason it was being repainted in the first place).  To top it all the cream had awful coverage and needs touching up as well!  This coach is close to a dunk in paint stripper!0B0D3068-FC7B-4563-8729-49C8C85B713F.jpeg.619bc6f28c3067419ed980819922dab5.jpeg


Finally the sleeper, best of the bunch for today’s GWR painting with a finish on par with the 1998 TPOs painted earlier.  Small touch ups along with the usual hand painted roof / ends and it will be finished awaiting bogies on Sunday.


speaking of Sunday, I should really be getting Wheal Imogen ready for the show not working on Brent...

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  • RMweb Gold

Glad to see you have been able to take advantage of the good weather - ideal spraying conditions this weekend!


Kind regards,



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  • RMweb Gold

That it was,  wish I could have done more.  I really need to buy a quieter compressor so that I can spray in the evening.


that said I don’t have much more to paint at the moment....

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I think the problem with the LNWR coach is that the overspray inside and on the underframe is very light and pink , and is colouring your overall impression.


I suspect that a coat of matt black on the underframe and a suitable brushpaint job inside (you won't see it close up , so finish isn't critical) will improve the effect a lot


P.S. - the wretched tiebars on the bogies may need replacing with wire

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