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PTAs Part 4

The Fatadder



3rd January 2010


Why oh why cant I just put up with an inaccurate model.......


Looking at a photo before adding the box/leaver thingie on the left hand side of the wagon, I got distracted by the profile of the side ribs. I had originally decided to stick with the model as it is on the side, but realising where the difference was (its only the ribs over the chassis ribs that matches the original PTA (and the model) I decided to do something about it


So, every other rib was carefully chopped off on one wagon and then replaced with a length of 40thou square strip. End result is a massive improvement (with before and after shots shown in the attached images)


There is one problem though (that I only thought of after cutting off the first 6 ribs), the transfers are semi circles (so that when applied over the Lima ribs it comes out straight.) The question now is how the modified ribs will affect them..........


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This may be a matter of inappropriate bodging, but would a large does of microsol result in them stretching sufficiently to accomodate?

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