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Bodmin General(ish)4




A Stephen Poole 54xx loco kit has now joined the queue of locos to be built for Bodmin,


I  went to my clubs local show and there on the members sales stand was a Stephen Poole 54xx box, being priced at £15 I wondered why no one else had bought it




I had a quick look and saw it had hardly been started and at £15 was worth buying without a another thought




All the body parts are there, looks to have been superglued, so will be easy to disassemble, the main parts are well cast, some of the smaller ones are not so good and may need replacing




It has a Stephen Poole brass bar chassis , missing the coupling rods and crank pin bosses, Has a Mashima 1224 motor with a flywheel, Branchlines motor mount and gears and Romford wheels. The pickups work, but as there is no coupling rods and the centre wheels are slightly raised, the centre wheels just spin


I could do a simple conversion using Markit EM chassis spacers and axles, but still would need coupling rods, I could  buy Alan Gibson Mainframes and coupling rods. But I see High Level Kits do a 64xx chassis, I have a  Pug and 57xx High Level chassis made by someone else and they are stunning, Only negative is they look a bit daunting to build.  Plenty of time to think about this one, I would have bought a High Level gearbox anyway, plus needs coupling rods so the extra spend is not too much


Also bagged a box of Peco 009 track (18" lengths)for a tenner for anther project



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