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A pair of brake wagons , part 2

Dave John


I have pushed on a bit with the brake wagons, just about ready for some primer. They are small, but I have managed to get enough weight in there for them to run smoothly enough and keep the compensation working properly.


Here’s a harsh picture of the underside, nothing particularly special but the use of a copperclad sub chassis does give decent fixings for W irons, ajs and the buffer springs and allowed me to get a slab of 1mm brass in as a spacer. Brake gear is a chopped up etch from the bits box.








A photo on the track. I’ll put the brake stanchions and the lower footsteps on later. The handrails do bow in a bit, though I suspect the prototypes ended up like that too. A few more bolt heads needed too, but primer first.







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A 21st century Health & Safety inspector just called, he'd like a word :)

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3 hours ago, Mikkel said:

A 21st century Health & Safety inspector just called, he'd like a word :)


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There was an accident involving a fall to the ground when Brakesman Archibald McGregor fell from one of these wagons on the main line at 11.55pm on the night of 7th July 1913. Thankfully he survived and was only off work for 7 days, but it does show that these wagons were in regular main line use for trip workings, perhaps even up to the grouping in some places. 



Further details and a more comprehensive analysis of their use can be found in "More on Caledonian Wagons" by Mike Williams. 


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On 11/01/2020 at 07:35, Mikkel said:

A 21st century Health & Safety inspector just called, he'd like a word :)


It wasn't me - I've retired!


Oddly, about 20 years ago I was interviewed for a transfer to HMRI (as it was then) and would have moved had it not been for a clerical error within HSE...

on the positive side, staying with HM NII did enable me to retire 2 years early and RI suffered somewhat following the Kings X fire being split off from HSE....

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