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City of Truro in the Highlands

Ben Alder


Tried my best to ignore CofT, but the various images here were too much to resist, so on the basis that it ran in Scotland in the 50's and that I saw it at Aviemore on its recent trip One was ordered up. It certainly is a lovely model and I do like the adjustable loco/tender join- tender pick-up is a bonus, and long overdue IMO. This is something that I add to all Bachmann locos as a matter of course and I would like to think that it is to be a standard from now. Certainly its more important to me than an over-detailed cab that is all but invisible when a crew is fitted.I had some problems with de-railing when running tender first, so took it apart and discovered that tho only extra weight in it was the cast coal on the top, which meant a rather high C of G, so this was discarded and lead added to the chassis top. The sockets for Dcc were removed to give a flatter base for the lead and this now runs perfectly.Looking at various You Tubes and stills of the current engine and applying the 3' rule led me to paint over the bright handrails- it was just too toytrainish for my eyes- and a very light dry-brushing was applied to the brake gear etc. Smoke box,roof and running plates were toned down with an acrylic mix, and it is now in service on excursions and the occasional light train as per ScR's use of HR 103 on the Kyle line.Just what the 60A footplatemen think of the GW's idea of crew comfort remains to be heard!



The socket simplified with pickups and motor leads joined.


Then with lead added.



Next a balsa former for the coal load.




Lastly, three shots of the finished job.





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Just had a look at the photos and really like what you've done to CoT, very subtle but helps a great deal to tone down that "out-of-the-box" look. It also somehow looks just right in the Higland setting! :)

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I was never a City of Truro fan until I saw it running at Sheringham.  It's a tiny engine, imagine it at speed hauling a heavy train on a dark stormy night.  The traincrew were real heros.

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