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All-American Railroad Show, Part 5




Last batch of photos.   I don't have much to say, just the last of the shots I took.IMG_0049.jpg.9b0a5c5804954915d1db7142c8d6c244.jpgIMG_0050.jpg.88e30c5f00dc7fc82b7e90a4568f04b1.jpgIMG_0052.jpg.c3e87445c9cce1badf1ae8dd6d3ab762.jpgIMG_0053.jpg.e0983384452fea12c2eade038b46a9be.jpgIMG_0054.jpg.3f11a0e932d524f6bad59025088af3be.jpgIMG_0055.jpg.e66bc61897d4ab519ab2fade03e33900.jpgIMG_0057.jpg.e82e3da9a7bc6799bc600096d3bffa40.jpgIMG_0056.jpg.c102b9f620197bf66e58f4d5ecefffac.jpg


I'll also try to update my blogs more reliably in the future.   I have the means, now just to have the will.

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On 22/05/2022 at 08:39, Richard Jones said:

Sorry to display my ignorance,  but where/when was this show?

This show was at Lyons Township High School in LaGrange, IL, the third weekend of March.

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