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Cheddar P4 - April 2023 update



Realised I didn't get round to writing an update last month so but happy to report that the 7th board is progressing nicely.


I mentioned last time that this was going to be mainly scenic work and indeed it has. First though was the ballasting, which uses Atwood Aggregates Dulcote Stone. Then the point rodding using Modelu stools and 16 thou guitar strings.


Then I could start to build up the basic ground form which is made up of layers of extruded 5mm thick polystyrene sheet.


I wanted to have a camping coach on one of the down side mileage sidings but realised that it wasn't long enough, so a little extension was added to cover the buffer stops, one of which was a LMS models kit and the other from Mainly Trains, now Wizard/51L. Coach W9992 was stabled here and I'm pretty sure it was a diagram E73 clerestory, so one is on its way from Worsley Works. It'll make a nice cameo.


I also the 5mm foam to make the platforms now that I've used up all the 15mm blue sheet that I had. Platform surfaces are scribed Palight then coated with Atwood Aggregates quarry dust. This is also used for the road surfaces. 


Final contouring uses a light weight filler called One Strike that I get from Proper Job, my local diy store.

Thereafter it's painted with cheap emulsion and given its first coat of static grass. I'm now at the stage where I'm adding additional texture, using Postiche and various foam scenic scatters. Much use of hairspray and fixing lacquer has been made. My modelling room now smells like a hairdressers.


I'm going to remove the cast iron railings from board 6 in front of the up side  station approach as I've found a photograph showing it wasn't used here, only the down side. This does make sense given that was the main entrance. It'll be replaced with standard 7 strand GWR stock fencing instead.


I've run out of GWR picket fencing so the down side but this is on order and should turn up this week. I'm presently  painting telegraph pole insulators to add these. There's still plenty to do; more scenics, a couple of sheds, station lighting and detailing work to the station itself. Oh and I haven't even thought about doing the signals yet, but I will.


Posed a pannier on the line to get an idea of the final effect and am quite happy how it's turning out.


IMG_3960 (1).jpeg



















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