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Cheddar P4 - February 2023 update



Took advantage of a sunny day to swap the boards round on Cheddar at lunchtime. Board 5 comprising the goods shed and signal box is now sufficiently complete to allow it to be put away until the final assembly, when I can add details, signalling and a level of weathering to the entire layout in one hit.


Board 6 was moved up one and board 7 dropped into place. This last saw the light of day in 2016 and has survived surprisingly well given the track was originally laid in 2015. I always knew it was going to be a long term project. Quite how long I'm not so sure! The track across the board joint is going to need a tweak since there is now a level difference in rail height. Not sure what that is but it is fixable. Looks like the rail is sitting up on the rivets to me rather than a swelling of the ply, but I'll sort it out whatever.


Board 7 comprises the Wells end of the platforms and station approaches. As such it shouldn't take too long to do as most of the work is scenic.


The end of the mileage sidings on the down side will need to be completed and I've plans for a camping coach here in one of them, along with a coal yard in the other, all as per the prototype.


As previously, much use will be made of extruded polystyrene sheet. This will form the roadways and platforms. Nice thing is it can be sanded to induce a camber.


I'll start by finishing off the station building first though, adding platform details, lights and signage, then moving onto the station approach.


Before I put it away, I took some photos of board 6 with the addition of clutter around the permanent way sheds. I've plans for a cameo of a wagon under repair here as the siding was used to store red carded wagons and make repairs before they were released back to traffic.


For a relatively insignificant station, Cheddar certainly had a lot going on.











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A wagon repair out-station, I haven't seen it mentioned at Cheddar. There was an out-station of Marcrofts at Sandford & Banwell.

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Great to see you progressing, Andrew. Keep up the good work. 


Best wishes,



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Really like all the small detail your putting in. Overall a smashing layout coming on very well.

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