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An early CR horsebox, part 2

Dave John



The 1870 horsebox is now painted and in service.  Once primed I liked the overall level of detail, the top hinges and the dog box end show a slight bowing out but not severe enough  to merit a substantial alteration.  I think it would be in plain coach brown by the 1900s, compartment interior off white and a simple bench seat added. Lettering is from the HMRS sheet.  Some light weathering to bring out the details.


A couple of posed pictures.










The start of a racing day special perhaps. The new horsebox is followed by a CR Dia 73, built 1907 and a LNWR Dia 436 from the late 1890s. Just about plausible then.








I’m still a bit unsure about resin printing. The model has worked out reasonably but I am concerned about the brittle nature of things like buffers and steps. My preference would be etched brass steps and sprung metal buffers, though I appreciate that would increase costs and might not be viable for low manufacturing volumes. Perhaps too printing a model in a number of smaller sections would result in a greater accuracy ?




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Looks pretty good to me. Although the bowing looks obvious at first sight it's the sort of thing that tended to happen - after all its an 1870s vintage vehicle thirty years on or more

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Excellent work as always Dave.


When I first drew the model I had no thought of selling them, I only drew it because there is a drawing of one in the wagon book.  Certainly not the easiest model to draw or print! I had a lot of issues with the dog box end drooping down, still not perfect but it was about the best I could do.


I was a little concerned about the buffers too. Unfortunately there isn't anything available and whitemetal castings just aren't going to be viable for the low quantities were are expecting to make. The plan for any future models would be to use castings from 51L just as we do with the rest of the TLM range.


Hopefully the next True Line Models kit will be something a bit simpler!





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Well, many thanks for putting all the effort in. Overall I am pleased with the way it has come out, it would be a lot of work to scratchbuild one. 


The 3d printing approach is very new, I suspect it might take a while for both designers and builders to work out the best approach. The strengthening of the footsteps with wire makes a difference and I have made a mental note not to push long trains buffer to buffer with it. 



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Posted (edited)

It's such an interesting van, horseboxes tend to be elegant but restrained affairs, this one has a lot going on - a whole little town in itself! 


The bowing and brittle nature is frustrating but, I hope, just the usual teething problems of a new technology that seems to be progressing fast. I've been carving away at my Bulldog body this week - made (not  by me!) from Siraya Tech 'Build' resin - and it doesn't feel brittle at all.


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