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Sunday 31st March 2024 - York Model Railway Show



It’s that time of year for the annual visit to the York Model Railway Show, which is the local show to visit. The show was ok, but personally disappointing at the lack of BR sector period layout representation.  The most interesting layout was O gauge set in the BR blue period. 


However there was two key forthcoming products of interest in the Bachmann Class 31 and Realtrack Class 142. 

Bachmann Class 31 


Bachmann had their stand and I was particularly interested to see the Class 31. My initial impression is there is something just not quite right about the cab front. It’s feels a bit flat or slab like. 



Maybe the side pillars don’t have enough curvature in profile, thus making the front feel slab sided? I’m not sure but just doesn’t feel right. I’ve not seen the Accurascale Class 31 close up yet, so the jury is still out for me. Although personally I don’t see a lot wrong with the Hornby Class 31, it’s dimensionally accurate (except the roof fan) and I do like the opening cab doors - a controversial view point. As the price of models march ever higher, while wages aren’t keeping pace it makes a me quite careful as to what I spend my disposable income on. I’m sure many are in the same place.

These are some more photos. 



Realtrack Class 142 


The other model of interest is the Realtrack Class 142. A key model for my period of interest and my interest in second generation DMUs. I could potentially buy many of these.  Although it still surprises me why Bachmann or Accurascale didn’t pick off the Class 142, especially considering the popularity of the EFE Rail Class 143 and 144 (I’m still looking for the weathered Regional Railways 144 with the very suitable York - Leeds destinations). That said Accurascale haven’t produced a DMU yet as far as I’m aware. From my experience with the Realtrack Class 144, which I’ve one set where the circuit board has failed in the dummy car and detailing parts have been lost, but aren’t available to replace, I’m a little anxious to spending nearly £300 per set on a Realtrack 142, if it’s a similar experience to the 144. At this price point my expectations is for good spares support and availability, much like Bachmann provide via the spares web site. 


Anyway here are some photos of the latest samples. They do look good, wish the Skipper destination was St Ives / St Erith because I remember riding these when brand new on the Carbis Bay Branch in 1985. Note the GMPTE livery example has the body from a 142/1!




Bachmann Class 69


Although out of period for me, the Class 69 has a passing interest because of its Class 56 heritage. Here are a few photos of the EP sample





Interesting N Gauge Tower Light


Thought these might work well as tower lights on a future N gauge project I have in mind




Finally a few photos of an O gauge layout I particularly liked









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Lovely overview👍

The 142 is manufactured by accurascale if that helps encourage. 

I’m certain we’ll shortly see the Bachmann 56 too. The bogies on the 69 look most accurate and detailed. 

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On 01/04/2024 at 18:28, McC said:

Lovely overview👍

The 142 is manufactured by accurascale if that helps encourage. 

I’m certain we’ll shortly see the Bachmann 56 too. The bogies on the 69 look most accurate and detailed. 

I wasn’t aware of who the contract manufacturer is for the 142. Appreciate Rapido produced the 156 for Realtrack. Accurascale seem to offer good post sale support, although it maybe different because they are just a contract manufacturer. 

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