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About this blog

2mm, 4mm, 7mm Diesels and DMUs of BR Sectorisation Period to BR Privatisation (1985-1996), “Modern Image” despite been 30-40 years ago! 

Or another view on this blog is model railway problem solving!

Entries in this blog

Sunday 31st March 2024 - York Model Railway Show

It’s that time of year for the annual visit to the York Model Railway Show, which is the local show to visit. The show was ok, but personally disappointing at the lack of BR sector period layout representation.  The most interesting layout was O gauge set in the BR blue period.    However there was two key forthcoming products of interest in the Bachmann Class 31 and Realtrack Class 142.  Bachmann Class 31    Bachmann had their stand and I was particularly interested to

Saturday 30th December 2023 - 4mm DCC “fun”

Started the day fiddling with my Bachmann Class 37 254 in a BR blue. Did a brief test on a DC test track to find it rather sluggish and then failing. Weird part was the centre of the roof was hot. Took the body off to find it has a Bachmann (ESU) 21pin DCC decoder. Hmmm. Faffed about and fitted a blank plug and it worked sluggishly. So stripped the bogie frames off to find one bogie was full of grease. Cleaned that out and cleaned the wheelset faces and treads, plus the pick ups. Some light lubr


richierich in DCC

September 2023 - The Sprinter Outer Gangway Connection Conundrum…

One thing that I have noticed over the years with models is how what are standard sizes on the prototype, when the model manufacturers replicate somehow the accuracy is lost in translation.     I guess the biggest debated model in diesel world exemplified by the many models by difference manufacturers is the Class 37, a popular class of loco, which people scrutinise the dimensions even down position of the rivets and screws head positions. Questionable when the prototypes where built at a

September 2023 - Lima Class 156 Super Sprinter Part 2 - Bogie Frame Mods

Decided today to do a little bit more tinkering with the Lima Class 156 bogie. I’ve found the best dummy wheelsets are those Hornby use on their production of the former Lima 156, which are 11mm diameter, which is about right for a BT38 bogie. However these aren’t cheap.….  The bogie frame has had a bit more plastic cut away to represent the prototype, including removing the moulding the coupler.    So fitted some pin point bearings. I think these are from Markits MPP/B. Dri


richierich in Lima / Hornby Class 156

August 2023 - EFE Rail Class 143: The case of the binding wheelset…

Well another entry!   Recently TMC had the EFE Rail Class 143 in BR Provincial Blue on offer. Been a sort of local unit (admitted Heaton depot based, but they did work the Middlesborough - Whitby), I took advantage and purchased one.    However upon testing it this morning it’s running qualities where shall we say very on a par with Hornby Class 142 (early twin motor R867). So not impressed. Upon putting this on workbench (dinning room table at the moment), and powering it up, I fo


richierich in Class 143 4mm

August 2023 - upgrading a Bachmann 32-936 Class 150 270 Regional Railways to 2014 spec

A bit of a quicky project.    On ebay many years ago I picked up a Bachmann 32-936 Class 150 270 in Regional Railways livery with the handy destinations of York and Leeds. So represents workings via Harrogate or Garforth.    Been an early model this has the motor car with the massively over engineered chassis and hence no interior. This was corrected on the 2014 upgraded model where the Bachmann have modelled the single bogie drive system found on the Farish Class 150, or used the

August 2023 - the frustrating Hornby Class 153

Not much activity because just not feeling it for model railways. Although the recent EFE Rail Class 144 in WYPTE Metro Train has sparked some renewed interest.    So today I’ve looked at the frustrating Hornby Class 153. I say frustrating because it’s another Hornby “what might have been” model. I say this because well it’s could have been an excellent model had Hornby not selectively compressed the bodyshell, hence the flatten roof outline, odd drivers window at the converted cab, gangw


richierich in Class 153 4mm

March 2023 - Lima Class 156 Super Sprinter Part 1 - Bogie Frame Mods

I’ve always thought the Lima Class 156 Super Sprinter is pretty good model representation shape wise, although been a model from 1989, it’s a long way behind the Realtrack Class 156 in terms of detail and features. But these are hard to find and production runs short.    However I’ve started to have another look at what can be done with the Lima / Hornby Class 156. The following is available:- Midland Valenta Class 156 underframe detailing 3D printed kit Midland Valenta Class

March 2023 - Bees Hill Models Farish Class 37 (DCC) Dummy Chassis - Part 1

Another project I’ve just started which hopefully can be wrapped up in a couple of parts is putting together a dummy chassis for a Farish Class 37 body I have. I saw these on a group I follow on Facebook.   Having purchased some years ago a Farish Class 37 421 body finished in Colas Railfreight livery, which I’ve yet to replacement chassis for, thought making this into a dummy loco isn’t a bad idea.    This kit is 3D printed and comes pretty clean with mainly just the bogie equalis

March 2023: Realtrack Class 144 009 - another repair job… Part 1

Well another project. This time a Realtrack Class 144 009 in WYPTA Metro / Arriva Red and Silver. Acquired from eBay as a non-runner.   After a lot of investigation this production run of a Realtrack 144 has a thin printed circuit board in the dummy car. Although working out which is the pin 1 on the 8 pin DCC socket isn’t clear. Also found the motor car the red LED tail lights have failed. I have another 144 009 and the motor car on that one also has the same problem with red

February 2022 - Tidying a ViTrains Class 37 428 Part 2

Since the last entry, I've made some progress on Vi Trains Class 37 428. After fitting the Craftsman Class 37/40 brass etched windscreen frames, I've turned my attention to the noses and lighting. The factory fitted lighting is reasonable  for the time the model was designed, although the taillights where always poor on DC, unless running at speed. Therefore I decided to attempt to build some better lights using LEDs.   Firstly, to prevent light bleed, rather than painting the inside o


richierich in ViTrains Class 37

January 2022 - A New Project - Tidying a ViTrains Class 37 428 Part 1

As every the balancing act of how you spend your time between the competing demands continues, hence a large gap between blog entries.   So a new project, and revisiting something I played about with ten years. A couple of months before Christmas, i picked up a ViTrains Class 37/4, 37428 in BR Large Logo Blue, which had a few faults. Over the past year or two I’ve come to like the ViTrains Class 37, which with some application of model skills can be made into a tidy looking realistic m


richierich in ViTrains Class 37

17th March 2019 - A new entry! Hornby super detailed Class 56 left hand bogie side frame

It has been a long time since posting, and as ever you wonder where time goes. However since the last post still being working on various things at a very slow rate!   However, earlier in the year, I picked up a Hornby Super detailed Class 56 in Colas Railfreight livery, which has been in the wars.  There is some damage to the right hand side of the cab roof dome, smashed windscreen, buffer beam damage, which could suggest it’s been dropped. An outer sanding box is missing. It has also



20th July 2014 - Fitting a Mashima MH1015 motor to a Farish Class 66

Well its being a rainy day, so thought its a good time to see if a Mashima MH1015 motor will fit in a Farish 66. I've found the slow speed performance of the first production batch of Farish Class 66s (EWS 66 135 / Freightliner 66 610 / GBRf 66 701) woeful.   Now considering the circuit board PCB is the same revision as the second batch locos (I have GBRf Medite 66 709), and the slow speed performance is much better lead me to thinking the motor is the issue. Also I have noted on this
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