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  1. Here’s the update from June https://www.accurascale.com/blogs/news/blue-brians-class-31-production-update Blue ones are en route then the next batch will ship and then the exclusives and commissions. Having just seen the production samples of the next batch an update i’m sure will be shortly with any update on shipping timings.
  2. https://accurascale.com/status is always the most current information. Hope that helps.
  3. https://www.accurascale.com/products/br-brush-ee-type-2-class-31-locomotive-br-blue-cantrail-stripe-31432 They are available to order in advance of the batch landing shortly. Just pick Ready or Sound and click the PreOrder button. The top black button is pay when in stock and the lower is pay now.
  4. Perhaps the wheels / pickups need some cleaning? A wheel cleaner may clean up any oxidation that may have arisen in storage. The accura 37 has a stay alive built in so will mask any connectivity or power continuity issues. Hope that helps.
  5. The status updates happen once when the model is in production, again when in transit and finally when in stock. Three emails per order over 6-12 months in practice. The same status engine also provides at a glance view of your order in the ‘Order Status’ page via the account area which coupled with the project status page should provide clarity and help set expectations on delivery times. As always we would really appreciate and value any and all feedback or suggestions to help improve our clarity and comms.
  6. Shop and ShopPay and parts of Shopify. The most common e-commerce platform on the planet and the ‘plumbing’ behind most of the online shops you buy from. Hope that helps!
  7. Definitely not us / HTG - you will get full, regular accurascale tracking alerts and links when we ship.
  8. Exactly this. Drop us a line and we can simply hold the parcel.
  9. More a case of me being on holiday the last few weeks and the page not updated :) We’re a small company after all not a PLC :) Normal service and comprehensive updates will be forthcoming. These are something truly special and have to be seen to be appreciated!
  10. McC

    Shipping cost

    Bear in mind that a modern loco like say, the accurascale Class 60 weighs nearly 800g and is jam packed with complex electronics and speakers and features and is made of upwards of 400 component parts. Add that to the modern courier system and you would much rather that complex, heavy model arrived intact. accurascale packaging is 100% recyclable in any green bin service
  11. After liberal and extensive testing the short answer is ‘no’. Our boxes are big and luxurious but most importantly of all have been fully tested for our stock and locomotive weight ranges to effectively guarantee safe and secure delivery to you.
  12. Systemic would be a bit of a reach considering our stock and locos comes from no less than 6 factories some of which are over a thousand miles apart. If you’re seeing any issue at all, talk to support. We have a lifetime warranty and will happily replace any couplings that go rusty, as long as you’ve not been playing with them in the bath :)
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