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I've put the bogie work on the 37 to one side for a minute as I wanted to do some actual modelling instead of sitting at a computer drawing things. After a gentle prod by another member, I've remembered that there has been a little progress on my tamper since the last update on RMweb 3, here:



It's made a visit to the paintshop:





I've replaced the etched handrails in the kit with some formed from 0.33mm wire - they look more convincing than the square etched ones. There is plenty more to do on this, but I wanted to get the main body colour on first, as some of the parts that need to be added are very fine, particularly the pipes up the sides, and I thought it best to get the main coat on first. Buffers (Hornby Class 50 buffers) are just poked into their holes temporarily at the moment.



It's pleasing to view it from the side, as it shows the real difference between my model and the standard kit. The biggest difference being in this area:



Structurally, it's complete, most of the parts to be added now is all the plumbing and there is a lot of it to do! I won't be making terribly rapid progress with this, more picking it up from time to time and doing bits when I get fed up with drawing. :D



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That's looking great Martin, it just oozes detail. It's been a great project to follow, and I do like getting a project to the stage of first paint - it blends the different materials together and you see it as a whole for the first time, if you see what I mean.

Do you know the diameter of the Z gauge wheels you've used? I'm trying to figure out a way to represent these tiny wheels in N. Needs some playing with plastic and brass me thinks!

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