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The Fatadder


A little more work on 45072.


Having looked at some more prototype photos it looks like 45072 had a black headstock (whereas the base model I am working on was red). So today it was out with the black paint to correct this.


Once that was dry the next job was to make a start on the bufferbeam detailing.

Again working from photos the 5 pipes were added, air and vac pipes were from Heljan (Class 47 parts) and the air control pipes were Vi Trains. This gives the prototypical look with different thickness pipes. (shown off rather nicely on this prototype photo http://jaspersrailphotographs.fotopic.net/p52978325.html


Finally the Shawplan lifting brackets were modified slightly to give a little more clearance on the inner brackets (To clear the extra bogie swing from Bachmann's dodgy bogie pivot design), finally this was given a coat of black paint.


Still going to be a lot more work on this required before I'm happy with it (for a start the grill on the left hand side of the photo next to the number needs to be plated over.) But on this I am waiting to see what Shawplan follow up their current peak components with. I have made a start on the cab fronts, removing the moulded on handrails in preparation for replacement with wire ones.

Once all the body modifications are complete, I plan on a full respray (hence why I havent bothered correcting the over large BR logo) and using it to experiment with some weathering on it to get it looking something like this: http://carls1980s.fotopic.net/p17722111.html


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Looking good Rich.

Great prototype to model.


Very slight correction to your pipes mate. As built the BR/Sulzer type 4s were fitted with blue star m/u gear which would be as follows L-R ;


Yellow pipe = main res

White pipe = engine control air

vac pipe

draw hook / shackle

steam heat pipe

White pipe = engine control air

Yellow pipe = main res


When the m/u gear was removed the white pipes and jumper cables went.


When the loco was dual braked a red air train pipe appeared above the steam bag.


The yellow pipes were duplicated - one being needed to balance the main reservoir supply between locos, or to supply MR to two-pipe airbraked trains.


Hope this helps and please give us some more piccies



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Thats a good trick using the vitrains pipes. With some thought , the vitrains bits are alot more usefull than you first think - originally I was going to bin them all smile.gif but now every bit has a use.





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