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Quietly beavering away, slowly drowning in projects




Crikey, I must update this more often!


My current workbench projects - alongside the complete "re-scenicification" of Southwich - are as follows:


  • 37 100
  • 37 883 (currently on hiatus as I can't stand the sight of the damned thing - ViTrains 37/4 donor bodyshell; 'nuff said)
  • 25 279 redux (found a 'cratered bodyside door' shell to replace the existing '2-inch proud bodyside door' one)
  • 25 027 redux (too faded; Bachmann replacement chassis to be fitted)
  • As-yet-unspecified Hornby/Bachmann hybrid 2.5-window 25/2
  • 47 278 with Stratford Silver roof
  • 821 "GREYHOUND", in commemoration of my recently-departed 45mph Couch Potato (RIP, sweetheart)
  • Wagons - too numerous to mention; vans, Engineers' stock and mineral wagons
  • Volvo F88 artic (long-term; still researching a period livery)
  • Dodge Commando BR tool/mess wagon (found an ex-Commando body serving as a shelter at my friends' shooting ground - tape/clipboard/sketchy mission imminent)


Need to get my priorities straight, clearly... Watch this space.



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Heh, that sounds like my workbench. I think it's something that most modellers are cursed with, the inability to finish one project before starting another! :D

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Nothing wrong with the odd other scale/gauge dalliance :) Mind you, I'd be embarrassed to admit how many I have bits for...

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