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ViTrains 37 rework - thanks, Ultrascale!



It transpires that I was the first person to request an Ultrascale conversion kit for the ViTrains 37. I'd had issues regarding DCC and the traction tyres, and the allegedly-RP25 flanges just didn't look right and caused intermittent problems on my modified Peco Code 75 pointwork. I lent Ultrascale my 37/4 for evaluation, and in return they have kindly supplied the first-off Vi 37 conversion kit free of charge, on the condition that I report on my findings. Hugely appreciated :D


My development 37 is in the process of being lowered on its bogies (sort of... Watch this space), having a more user-configurable lighting system installed, having the new Shawplan Extreme Etches windscreen panels and roof fan/grille fitted and having the chassis casting "tweaked" (ha ha, where's my angle-grinder gone?) to allow fitment of both standard and bass-reflex speakers. I'll post pics of the whole project as it progresses, but I'll fit the Ultrascale kit this weekend and post before'n'after pics here if all goes to plan.


Cheers, Ultrascale - the first report will arrive next week :D


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