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More pictures of the real location



Just thought I'd add a few pictures from the line as it is now.


Bridge arch under the terminus


Not the Pw Hut- the weigh house!


Loddiswell station


Looking down the line from Loddiswell towards Kingsbridge on the 1:50 gradient to Sorley



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Nice to see someone else interested in this lovely branch.Where did you take that picture of the brick arch ?

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I love the pictures of what was once a very picturesque branch. Can't say I can place the bridge at the terminus. The only one I know near the station can be seen on the Plymouth road just outside the town, where they have now dressed it up a small halt.


It's such a shame that this branch is not still open or saved for presentation. I look forward to seeing more of the model as it is built

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I agree with gwrrob that it is good to see someone else modelling the branch, it's a lovely line. I assume that you have also walked from Loddiswell towards Gara Bridge, it's lovely at the moment. There are lots of positive points to modelling the line, some of which led me to model it. rolleyes.gif

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The bridge is hidden in Lime Grove, behind Morrisons! I worked next door to the goods shed for a while so got to sneak onto some sections that are harder to see. Also have a brick from the signal box!There are a number of hidden bridges still left as well as some good sections of ballasted embankments in the town. Will be doing some Avon Valley sections eventually as it is stunning. According to the Ken Williams/Dermot Reynolds book, a preservation society was formed, had most of the money but the scrap contract was signed before they had completed negotions and the ministry wouldn't bactrack on the deal. You could have bought the whole line for £24,000 including buildings in 1963! It would have been a masssively popular preserved run due to its scenic beauty. I am setting in autumn for variety of foliage colours and just to be different.

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