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coombe junction - A little detached...




Update - The sparks have all but been done now to the third board and bar final positioning of switches for the turnout and isolating sections it all works. For the mini sliding traverser I had tried to develop a system of wipers (using brushes borrowed on a permanent basis from my sons mini scaletrix) and PCB sleepers...but this didn't quite work out as planned. For now I have hard wired this and will resolve that a later date when I have a better solution. This will all be covered by the large industrial shed and the actual sliding unit is covered by a roof structure. I am contemplating building the walls on this unit so that it slides as one complete element so that views into the covered area remain intact rather than broken as per my sketch.

Also, the PCB turnout has had some tweaking with the soldering iron to let the rolling stock run through a little smoother...I am not sure if it is possible to tweak turnouts which are of glued construction in quite the same way?...

As a tester for the apron, I infilled between the tracks with cardboard. Artists card to build up the levels and postcard between which just bears on the chairs of the easitrac but is slightly lower than the rails which should help with track cleaning. What this did reveal to me is that card is not the way forward for this as it is a bit thin in places and I think that a thin layer of plasticard will bond better with the easitrac chairs.

I attach some pics and a short video. The video is more of a first upload tester as has not been cut/pruned/edited and is a bit out of focus, but it does demonstrate that the DG couplings with permanent magnets buried beneath the track work fine in this situation. The loco was a bit sticky as it has not been run since it spent all day when I exhibited Boxfile Kyle 4 months ago...its strayed a little off territory too with its mixed freight from the Highlands ;)

blogentry-3290-005964800 1286559556_thumb.jpg

sketch showing mini sliding traverser which is covered...

blogentry-3290-074668700 1286558494_thumb.jpg

the test train...

blogentry-3290-042246100 1286558533_thumb.jpg

the mini sliding traverser...

blogentry-3290-053569200 1286558597_thumb.jpg

DG couplings engaged...

blogentry-3290-022751400 1286558632_thumb.jpg

couplings disengaged...

blogentry-3290-027092900 1286558680_thumb.jpg

loco sets back ready to run around...


the short video...

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It looks like it's going well Pete.


Good brakes on the 37 biggrin.gif

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Looking very nice Pete, your fixed magnets seem to work rather well! From the pictures it looks like you've missed off the 'tongue' on the couplings which I thought was required for the delayed effect but it doesn't seem to stop them working nicely :).


Do you intend to 'colour' the DGs or are you just going to leave them as brass?


(PS Is the ski jump intentional? :P)

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Evening Pete,


Very slick!B)


I'm really going to have to get some of these couplings for my 66's and CDA's.


Off course a FGW Class 153 won't need them!!!!!!!!!:lol:





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Jon - thanks - am collecting another 5 CDA's when I return to the UK next week so as with the others I will remove the couplings immediately to prevent distractions - will PM you about next W/E...


Kris - thanks also - yep, haven't quite mastered controlling a camera and loco at the same time yet...me thinks a mini tripod is needed...


Steve - thanks - you're right...the tongues seem to have fallen out of some of the wagons - in reality I will only put a DG at each end of my fixed rakes (with tongues :P) with 3 link chains in between the rest - I will metal black them in due course, as it is a pet hate of mine to see beautifully detailed layouts and rolling stock...and then see a piece of brass protruding...


I presume the ski jump is the sloping roof on my sketch? :blink:


Mark - Cheers - DG's over rapidos any day...of course your FGW 153 needs them though...for when it fails you need to send a Freightliner 66 to haul the unit back to the depot ;)

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