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Bulleid butchery




My previous workbench on the 'old' RMweb can be found here.


Hornby have yet to do a Bulleid Light Pacific body variation to suit the original style cab.

When first introduced 21C101 to 21C163 had the original Bulleid style cab with narrow front lookout and two large side windows, the rear one of which slid forwards behind the front. Starting in July 1947 the cabs were modified, with a wedge shaped front (sometimes referred to a 'V' shaped) giving a larger front window area, it took until December 1955 to complete the modification to all. As I model the period from 1946 to 1949 many of the Light Pacifics in service during that time would still have had the original style cab.

I have modified a number of the Hornby models so far by either fitting a brass cab or using the white metal castings from the Southern Railway Group replacing the existing Hornby version.


Here is 21C102 "Salisbury" fitted with both the original style cab and also modified to include the short smoke deflectors that were as originally fitted to the first engines of the class when built.



Compare the cab with that fitted below on 21C151 "Winston Churchill" which has the later modified wedge shaped cab and the standard length smoke deflectors



So yet another Bulleid Light Pacific is on the workbench for conversion. She is to become 21C148 'Crediton', a Salisbury allocated engine so more than suitable for Fisherton Sarum.


She is being fitted with an original style cab, for this I am using cast white metal sides from the SRG. These are supposed to replace the whole depth of the side of the cab but cutting the whole side off makes it a little tricky to keep the cab square on reassembly due to the weakening effect it has on the original Hornby body, I have therefore kept the bottom edge of the cab side and cut the castings to suit.




The left hand side will be as per her 1946 condition with original style short smoke deflector, already cut as seen in the picture below, and will be unnamed as she was not named until March 1948.




The right hand side will be in the condition she ran between March 1948 and May 1949 as s21C148, named and with British Railways in Sunshine lettering on the tender, and also standard length smoke deflectors.




Since the photos were taken she has been given a coat of Halfords Plastic primer and a coat of Railmatch malachite green. I hope to manage to complete the lining today.

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I'm finding it hard to navigate the new site Graham!!


The Bulleid Light's look superb but as Horsetan says the cab casting is 'interesting'!!! Let me know if you run out of filler!!

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I'm finding it hard to navigate the new site Graham!!


The Bulleid Light's look superb but as Horsetan says the cab casting is 'interesting'!!! Let me know if you run out of filler!!


Hi John


The finished model so you can see the result of my filling and painting can be found here You will like the pictures there as she has not been weathered yet! :P


Even with the small amount of filling involved the use of the SRG castings is still quicker and easier than my old method of making the replacement cabs from scratch in brass sheet.

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