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A Wander Down Memory Lane



There aren't too many pictures of Cottleston park, essentially the donor for Yamanouchi Oshika; especially in full UK garb. These are some of the very few we actually have...


blogentry-6831-070107800 1292533657_thumb.jpg

The town was quite radically different, especially in terms of the road layout. Seeing the road in these pictures explains why it ran along the back of the layout, as it was designed to tie the layout - which is quite long and scenically very low - together.


blogentry-6831-031097700 1292534290_thumb.jpg

A slightly clearer impression of how the road threaded through the town can be seen in this picture.


blogentry-6831-015684100 1292534310_thumb.jpg

Moving further down the layout, beyond the station, are the carriage sidings. In this picture a Farish class 101 rests between duties. The branch line can be seen diving beneath the road in the background . The yard and loco sidings can be seen in the distance.


blogentry-6831-076939000 1292534346_thumb.jpg

The yard looks nice and busy in this view. The flyover is completely unchanged...i.e. it still need barriers and the like...:unsure:


blogentry-6831-037778800 1292534410_thumb.jpg

Finally we have an overall view.


These pictures were taken at a show where 'anything goes'...hence the rather wide variety of loco classes and liveries. As can be seen, the basic design has changed very little from that seen in Yamanouchi Oshika.


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