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Getting there



Last week a 2mm Scale Association B7 Easitrac turnout base arrived and using the template which comes with it I've drawn up what I hope is now the final plan for Ropley, bar one or two minor tweaks. The main change will be a B8 point for the loop giving a smoother transition.




The milled turnout bases are flexible enough to allow them to be bent to match the gentle curve of the mainline, but that overlapping turnout at the entrance to the yard should be fun to build..... :blink:


Unfortunately work has meant I haven't had chance to start the baseboard but hopefully this will happen next week.


Cheers all,




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  • RMweb Premium

Flexing the base may induce a slight bump, it might be worth adding a couple of small slits to relieve pressure spots and make sure that no bumps appear.

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I think choosing easitrak was the right choice for this, I dont think you will regret it. Just take time and make sure everything works well, I am looking forward to seeing the results.


Missy :)

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Hi Kris. A good idea. Even though the curve on the main line isn't that great, better safe than sorry!


Missy, after using easitrac on the modern image 'test layout', I don't think i'll ever be able to go back to Peco!





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