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The first 2mm FS point of many



Hi all,


Well as the title says i have built my first 2mmFS point using Easitrac bits. :D Some of you may be suprised to learn that this is the first handbuilt point that i have done and it will be part of my new 2mmFS layout that i am building.







I did have help from Mick Simpson to keep me pointed in the right direction and on the whole i am please with it. It still needs a couple of finishing touches, like the tiebar, and the sleepers trimming but the wagon rolls through ok.


I only have 8 more to build and they are all curved :blink: (as is this one) and in due course i will post the track plan up for you all to see what i am doing.


If you have any comments please feel free to post them, as they say every little helps




ps. i've not forgotten about the wagon challange. I do have a few sat on the work bench, just need to get some paint to finish them :)


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  • RMweb Gold

Welcome to the club Simon :D


Your first turnout and you chose a curved one :O RESPECT!


How are you going to do the tiebar - SBSteve has had an interesting debate running on his thread the last few days...might be worth a look.


Keep going...



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  • RMweb Gold

HI Pete,


thanks, i dont do things by halfs.


As for the tiebar, not sure yet. Still trying to work that one out




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Hi Simon,


Welcome to the dark side! I think I took your membership fee when Mick 'persuaded' you to join the 2mm SA at the Darlo exhibition a year or two ago


I like the idea of pinning the timbers in place - very useful if you're building the turnout away from the layout.



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  • RMweb Gold

Very neat. Once you can build your own you can make the trackwork flow like a real railway.


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