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Don't forget to try in mind that the trains need somewhere to run...

Sailor Charon


Oh well, as things have been getting somewhat... tricky what with one thing and another. I figured it was a good time to get back to talking about the real point of the exercise. After all, every loco needs somewhere to run (to).


Here's a picture of the down end of Cricklestone Station. I haven't decided whether the lines are fast-slow-slow-fast, or slow-fast-fast-slow yet. I also made the mistake of putting the short inset platform at the same end as the entrance to the goods yard. So when I start fiddling with space and time (it will be easier to shunt some trains into Derringham rather than Cricklestone... Yes, that was a bit dim) it will look really odd... :)

There was (is) going to be a row of arches at the back of platform 1 with shops underneath. That is if it doesn't clash with the big roof. That is assuming that the big roof isn't too much of a pain in the backside when it's in place.



Here's Derringham Station, at the... down end? As you can see, platforms 2 and 4 stick out a way from where the roof will be... if there is a roof, that is... You can just see the ends of the coach sidings, although they're being used for pretty much anything at the moment.



And here's the down end, with a view of platform 3. This will possibly have a double overhead roof - will that improve performance? :) Otherwise, it could do with small waiting rooms, cafes, shops, etc. Possibly have stuff on a big overbridge like New Street. Dunno yet. That doesn't preclude the roof though...


Oh, and here's a quick shot of the progress on the Garratt. I knocked together a quick mock up of the front end out of card. I need to cut the foot plate back some more so that it lines up with the back of the tank. Other than that it needs a couple of holes cutting at the front.



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