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4561 Rides Again...



I have finally got round to sorting out some more little jobs. The first one was re-numbering and dirtying my Dapol 45xx. I got some Modelmaster brass plates that were great, and some fox buffer beam numbers finished it off. All that is left to do is sort out the disgusting rapido coupling and do the front and back dirty to match the sides. Any comments appreciated as I haven’t varnished it yet. The real 4561 continues to be on static display in one of the museums (Swindon?) but I am hoping for a return to the SW for it soon.



Apologies for the lack of super sharpness all over but composite pictures are still a way ahead!













The obligatory black and white shot.



I have also now got all the trackwork on order to finish the station itself (hooray!) and only need the control panel and point motor wiring that goes with it to finish the nuts and bolts stuff. I have also begun construction of the flight cases for the boards to travel in which have been a monster job in themselves. Will put in a post on them some time as well.


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The front bogie...some nice subtle weathering there.


Am very interested to hear more about those flight cases some time ;)

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As an extra I think that 4561 is now back at Wilton and being restored following the sale of 6412 to the SDR

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Hooray- I can go on the West Somerset 1/2 price. I know 6412 is a practical choice for the SDR but 4561 belongs here, not in Somerset!

The front bogie...some nice subtle weathering there.
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In the Autumn WSR journal it says 4561 has been stripped down to a set of frames and cylinders so I do not think it will be running soon.

I like the weathering job. I really ought to have a go at my 0 gauge one.


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Not mine Ron, it's Devondynosoars, but thanks for the compliment laugh.gif

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Worth painting the axle ends black to match the rest of the wheels - they stand out a bit too much on Dapol locos...


...this would finish it nicely.

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Very nicely finished, a very subtle paint finish on the prairie !! :)


But whenever I look at mine let down by Dapol "misplacing" the front pony truck too far back and the rather crude boiler fittings (chimney and s/v cover).... I must get round to doing something about these one of the days.

I had similar issues about the 14xx's boiler fittings but I have fixed these to my own satisfaction.

The boiler fittings on the Ixion Manor and Dapol Hall are light years ahead.

Thanks for sharing your excellent work


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