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Back Scenes 3, This Time It's Hardboard...



I have finally got the back scenes on, but not glued permanently. Aside from one or two spots where I need to put some strengtheners i.e. on the joints and ends of curves, I think it has worked out quite well.

Here are the 2 station boards.



Its made a big difference to how the layout flows, now its on to track weathering and fixing, plus wiring the bus and point motors!

I might even get to start the engine shed thanks to help from you all with the measurements.


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Adding those does as you say make a massive difference to the feel of the layout. Have you worked out how you are going to prevent the top of the back scene moving out of line with the other one at the joint? 

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As Kris has said, adding those backscenes has totally transformed the layout. What do you intend doing with them? Are you going to paint them, or use a printed backscene? They are a nice height and you have also made sure there are no corners along it too. This is getting better all the time, I cant remember asking this before but is this an exhibition layout?


M. :)

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Hopefully, made just for fun really but with an eye to the odd show. I am putting a full photographic back scene on top of the hardboard.

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Thanks Pete, I took advice given in Back scenes part 2, I agree the taller back makes a big difference. Now I just have to sort out getting it printed.

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