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Engine Shed



Following a long and highly informing (for me anyway!) discussion on the forums I have now done the basic carcass of the engine shed. There is still some fettling to do, I have to put the smoke channel in, as suggested by Kris, tidy up the corners and put on the roof, as well as the roof lights. I am fairly pleased with the progress so far but any improvement suggestions are welcome.

This is the front view which compares fairly well with the prototype. Some compromise about lintel height was required for loco clearance.



The top view showing the purlins, the top ones will have to come off to make space for the smoke channel. Distortion from macro lens not wonky plasticard!



Top view from the front




Just a quick prototype view



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That's a lovely sight, almost as if the old shed is coming alive again. Look forward to seeing the water tank too, that rough and ready design is a favourite of mine.

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