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Cobwebs, blowing away of.

Will Vale



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  1. 1. Wot next?

    • More Tanis (desert, plastic modelling)
    • More Whitemarsh (details, prototype modelling)
    • Hollentalbahn (scenery, prototype modelling)
    • Something else?

I really didn't mean to vanish for several months - it just sort of happened. I had a big burst of activity to get Whitemarsh ready for the challenge and then the show at the end of November, then a short break from modelling. Unfortunately this ran into Christmas, which ran into a new work contract, which was happening at the same time as writing a conference paper and a hobby game project. Yikes.


Anyway, the culmination of all this madness was a two week trip to the 'States involving a lot of work and alcohol. I'm now back, and starting to think I should make or do something train-ey before I forget which way they go. This was catalysed slightly by receiving an exhibition invite for Whitemarsh and/or Tanis in August.


So... what to do now? The three main options I'm mulling over are:


1) Do more work on Whitemarsh, finish the depot area (foreground) and maybe install a backscene. Weather up more stock as well.





2) Build a new module for Tanis:





This would probably be 2xA3 off to the left of what you can see here, with the terrain elevation lowering slowly to track level and incorporating the edge of a camp/airstrip so I can land weird things like a Dornier Pfeil.


3) Build a Z gauge layout based on the Hirschsprung section of the near Freiburg. This would be a single track electrified branch with no points in the visible area, fiddle yard behind, and small trains in big scenery.


This video shows the section I have in mind:


I've bought reference material and made a few stock purchases towards option 3 so I can run some legitimate trains and I'm quite tempted to do it, but I suspect I'd really enjoy working on Tanis some more as well.


I'm tempted not to take Whitemarsh to the show in August and instead work on that for next year's Railex in November, since it's hard work to operate and the August show is in Masterton - there's less chance I'll get any support from Micky out there since it's not a bus ride from home.


In the longer term I want to do something with On30 in British Columbia, and do some more work on my 1:35 modern construction stock which is still sitting in a box looking sorry for itself, but those are a bit ambitious for now. Particularly the On30 since I'm having real trouble coming up with small track plans that I'd be happy with.


Or I could put my head under the sand for a few more months :) I'd be interested to hear what people think - and thanks for listening if you made it this far into the ramble...

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Hi Will, good to have you back. I know what you mean about those "away" periods just sort of happening.


I'd personally like to see the On30 in British Columbia, but that's not very helpful right now is it :D. A new module for Tanis gets my vote, but anything you build looks good, so anything goes.

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Hi Will - I think most of us have had a sabatical at some point or another!


Whitemarch must be finished, especially as you removed the comprimise point and have added so much wonderful detail - however I'd suggest perhaps either the Z or a new project might inject some enthusiasm for now? I know that's been the case for me for a whole different set of reasons.


Great to see a post from you again though! :D

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Will - Welcome back!


I voted for Whitemarch - even though the deadine has now passed (probably what kept the momentum flowing) it would be nice to see it with backscene and foreground as perhaps you originally intended - You could always sell it on afterwards to make way for something new (says he, currently with 3 layouts in construction ;))


I always enjoyed to see this layout so would love to see it some more.



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Hi Will, as has already been said above... good to see you back; it sounds like you've had a busy few months! Along with Pete and James, I think it'd be good to see Whitemach finished (I also gave it my votes)... and a backscene would be a nice addition. Given the other musings, it's difficult to see which woudl rise above the rest, although they sound quite extensive (except Tanis that might give a nice scenic exercise and aviation departure).. or did you want to run trains ;) .

Glad you back with us... and looking forward to future developments.


Jon... currently much farther North than he's happy to be.

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(This editor has lost my post once and crashed Safari on the iPad a couple of times - hope it works...)


Thanks for the warm welcome back - it's really kind of you all! More ramble follows...


I agree that Whitemarsh has to be finished, I like it too much and have too much relevant stock to just let it fade away. I'm a bit worried about the amount of wood butchery required to make all the legs and frame and lighting rig etc. which would turn it into a proper exhibition layout, although I can see that would be useful effort for other projects too with a bit of care..


It's also fun to see that people like the idea of Tanis - it gives me so much pleasure every time I take the cover off that one - it's not very true to scale, or well researched, or anything like that but it's a nice little scene.


I think maybe the thing to do is to delay the decision a while longer and try and build one of the planes for Tanis, and some of the part-built stuff for Whitemarsh like the Ipswich shed and possibly a wind generator I think might work well there. That gives me some kitchen-table scale projects to fiddle with and one might spur me on more than the other. I can think about a plan for Tanis's extra bit at the same time.


The Hollentalbahn does call to me though - I have all the track I need for that, and most of the sundries. It'd be very nice to finally have somewhere to run my Z stock, which was the first train set I bought as an adult returning to the hobby ~8 years ago. Again, I'll try and work up a plan for that and post it here.


Thanks again!

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