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Bishopthorpe Lane N.E.R - takes a turn for the.....




Ok so I couldn't resist having a go at the plan and having in the archive a suggestion from someone elsewhere I thought about the space issues and liked the idea of having a roundy roundy as trains could rumble through as shunting is carried out in the yard and then wagons could be added or taken away from the passing trains.. the more I think about this the more I like it as the space take would be around the same but be able to be made to fit in with the room rather than having to get the 'trainset' out to play with it. Some explanations are in the pics




and a sort of mockup for the free standing roundy. Excuse the roughness as it was done on my iPhone :)





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2ft radius?


What sort of fiddle yard are you thinking of, a couple of points each with a short spur on to which you can attach cassettes? or a traverser? With the space that you have trying to fit in a fan and not significantly drop the radius could be entertaining.

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Ok so this is not big enough right? Hmm plan needs to be a minimum radius of ? The fiddle yard was to fan out at the back but to extend the space so that the radius would stay the same so it would be something like 1200x1500mm. Think this is probably un-workable...

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You should get away with a 2ft radius but it would restrict some of the locos that could be run. I would not want to get any tighter, hence the suggestion of a couple of spur points and cassettes.

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:O :o :O All change All change...


and I was liking that earlier plan too Tom!


Sounds a good idea if you can get it to work - have a look at the excellent mini MSW for donut layouts and also Tonys terrific Brafferton which allows roundy roundy and a helping of shunting too.


Keep us posted...

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Hi Pete,


Not for definate yet as it in fact will take up loads more room actually! :) just put it out there as an idea. I have seen both you mention and am really looking forward to seeing Brafferton near completion ;) So I may well go back to Plan 1. With the bank hols fast approaching time to get down to some serious modelling!


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This, for me, is much more interesting. I've thought about making mine a roundy now I have a bigger car. I'd lose the engine shed though.

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