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JMAs and bogies, some progress.



Well its been a heck of a long time since i've done anything on this blog, spare time for modelling has been at a premium recently, though i have been tinkering with bits of brass and plastic to try to improve the bogies on the JMA's. All of the S kits bogies have now gone in the bin, as well as the wheelsets which have been replaced with some fine examples from Colin Craig, complete with the correct pattern brake discs.


These are what i've come up with, yes just 1 pair! not an amazing acheivement but they do work and look something akin to the prototype. They are made from brass channel with the axles running in lengths of brass tube, another piece of brass channel was soldered under this as you can see above to make the main body of the bogie.

The various other bits have been cobbled together out of what looked right based on measurements based on photos of these bogies. The large round dampers that sit in the middle are sequins and rubber o-rings, finding the right looking bits for this took a while, i'm sure you could resin-cast items like this, however i seem to find my own ways of doing these things.

The idea was to build 1 pair of bogies to come up with a working representation of these bogies, having done this i can now make all the components fairly easily to build the bogies for the rest of the fleet.

Once this is done i can then get on with finishing the rest of the wagons, i thought id paint and give an initial weathering to the bogies to see how they looked.



I quite like the look of them with a bit of toning down, so then i gave it a quick spin round the ( very work in progress ) loft layout just to check everything runs ok!blogentry-2819-0-22873400-1304457544_thumb.jpg

If i get on with the tedious chopping etc, and get these bogies finished, i can then get towards weathering the wagons, and finally look towards finishing them, finally!


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Looking good Chris. The JMAs is one of those wagons I'd love to model sometime having seen them operating out of Peak Forest area over the past few years. The JMAs seem to have all but gone now and only the rebogied HKAs seem to be used now from Dowlow quarry.


Cheers Paul

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Hi thanks for the comments Paul, the dowlow working? does that run to Ashbury(s), this has been a JMA /HKA working for quite a while, has it? Modelling the HKAs would certainly be easier, no bogies to mess with, the rest of the wagon is fairly straight-forward, just a few mods and a repaint, saying that, its taking me long enough! My intention is to model these based on the coal trains they operated so theres no option but to do these bogies.



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These look excellent! The sequins and o-rings look particularly effective. I'm working on drawings and a fold-up etch of the LTF bogie. I've got a bit stuck with the brake gear at the moment but the main frames are done. Was also planning to use Colin's wheels. If you're interested I can send you some photos once the test etch is complete?



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Thanks for the comments, glad to hear someone else is attempting these bogies! its taken a fair bit of trial and error to come up with these, my idea was to complete 1 pair to see what i could come up with, tbh i was looking to create a representation, my modelling skills don't seem to stretch to a full-on recreation of these bogies. Also i wanted to see if it would work for a rake, i had thought a fold-up etch would be the best bet for the main body, just wouldn't know where to start so used a brass u section with brass tube for the axles to run in, if soldered up straight it runs well with little resistance. I had thought that the bar/section that the brake gear is mounted on could be made from an etch as well, as well as the brake gear itself, as you can see ive simplified the brake gear, i could see no way to accurately represent the whole framework, further back in my blog entries is a link to some pics that Beast66606 of this forum posted. Which show the brake gear very well, i used one of these images to scale the various components of the bogie as it is a good straight-on view. I would be interested to see what you've managed to create etch-wise, i think if you went to town with the dimensions and created a fully authentic bogie it would look great, there are just a whole load of different components to create! I have started to create the parts for the next 5 wagons, whether i'd want to do this for another 6 ( which i'd ultimately like to do) i don't know at the mo.

edit. in blog entry JMA transfers of nearly a year ago! is the link to beasts pics, there are several there that show the brake gear set up well.


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Hi Chris,


After seeing the results of the Frosted Ultra Detail 3D printing on RMWeb, I've abandoned the idea of doing the LTF25 bogie as an etch and I'm working on a 3D printed model. Will post some preliminary pictures on here soon. The photo in Aug 1990's Railway Modeller is the best I've seen for this bogie.


I took some pics of the JMAs at Peak Forest the other weekend and realised that there are at least 5 subtle variants of the bogie, so some scope for variety. I also caught up with Colin Craig at DEMU showcase and got some wheels off him... a work of art!


How are you getting on with the rest of the set?



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Hi Guy,

Progress is stop start, been away for a week but ive just spent the evening soldering the frames together for the frames for the bogies for the 5 wagons, next i'll fit the wheelsets and chrck that everything is running good before doing the rest of the detail for them.

That sounds like an interesting idea 3D printing, i havent seen anything recently on this but it does definitely look like a promising modelling tool, will you be able to do the whole bogie in 1 or as seperate parts? would like to see this very much, certainly would beat building everything individually like me!

In terms of variants i've only seen the two differences on the JMA's, do you include the bogies on the ARC/Hanson hoppers in your list, which are different and what i think the S-kits creation was loosely based on. Would be interested to see what you've come up with on this, sounds like you need to start a thread or something! This slowly progressing saga could do with some competition!

I'd also agree, i think colin craigs wheels probably make my bogies look far better than they would otherwise.



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Hi Chris,


A brief update - have sent my bogies off for printing 2 days ago. I'm planning to start a blog on the LTF-25 soon... promise!


I wanted to order some sequins and O-rings (I think that is truly inspired way of doing the suspension by the way!). What size did you get? I think around 8 to 8.5 mm is correct for the sequins and something fractionally less for the O-rings. In terms of diameter for the O-rings either 1.6mm or maybe 1.78mm. Was thinking of sourcing them from here:




Actually the suspension units are a bit different between the JMA and the JHA variants of the LTF-25. Diameters of sequins and O-rings are closer for the JHA. Will post pics when I do my blog.



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Hi guy,

sorry didn't reply sooner, maybe there should be a way the forum notifys blog comments or something? Anyway good to hear your bogies are coming on, look forward to seeing progress on these! Which JHA are you looking to model? i'd be keen to see these, never likely to do it myself but i'd love to model or see a model of a rake of Hanson liveried JHA's behind a Hanson 59.

The sequins do look quite effective don't they? got the idea after seeing various sequins on my daughters clothes and as i seem to have had these bogies in the back of my mind forever i thought if i could find the right size they'd be ideal, and cheap, my other idea was to get discs etched in the right thickness brass.

The o-rings came from a assortment pack that i had at home anyway for kitchen taps etc. had to buy another 1 from halfords to complete the bogies im currently doing, i now have more o-rings in a million other sizes than i'll ever need! Size-wise i just used what looked right based on the overall dimension of the bogie, i don't have the means to measure to measure them accurately.

If its of use i'll post a pic of how i've done them rather than explain here, won't be for a day or two as i'm away this weekend, basically the o-rings and middle sequin sit on a short length of brass tube.


edit. sequins are 8mm, got them from simplysequins.com, i think.

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