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The jigs have arrived



Hi all,


It's been a while since my last entry due to may factors, namely work, a few shows with my DCC demo oh and a wedding later today. NOT mine i may add, but a good friend (congratulations Dave :drinks: ) and not much has been done on the layout due to this BUT


I now have the jigs, all 6 of them. 3 crossing V's and 3 filing jigs. Many thanks go's to Alan Smith who took some time out of his busy schedual to custom make my jigs for me.


Now for those who are not aware or not had the chnace to read my other ramblings entries I am making a 2mmFS layout and through the association shop you can buy crossing and filing jigs in everything from 1:5 to 1:10 however my layout has 1:11, 1:13 & 1:14 so i had to have some made. Not cheap and it now means that if i make any more 2mmFS layouts (another one already i hear you say) i will have to make sure that i have the above points on it so i can make use of my new toys.


Here they are, looking all new and unused, not for long i hope.



Crossing jigs



Filing jigs


Also i have taken the chance to place my 24 and a couple of coaches on the layout so people can see what it may look like once it is done.


please excuse the clutter in the picture and the poor camera work, not my strong point.


Hope fully all things being well i should be able to make a start on the points in the next few days




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Yes Simon get them dirty! :laugh: looking forward to seeing more progress. Out of interest why did you go for larger crossing angles.. ?


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Hi Tom,


it was what Kieth (who makes points in the 2mm mag) did on templot as i am not very good on it.


Looking at the print outs it should/will produce following point work, well i say should. After all i am building the points :unsure:

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