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SECR Ballast van 4mm



HI All,


whilst I'm waiting for my 2mmFS track jigs to arrive, i have been working on a few unfinished 4mm kits that i have got in some boxes that have been there for a while.


The first one is a SECR Brake/Ballast van from a Cambrian kit.


As you can see i have made the ballast van version and i wasn't happy with the stantions at the open end and also the running boards on both sides so i have spent a little while making new boards.


A couple of the angle parts are not quite straight but by the time i have painted them i will be hard to tell.


Have a look and see what you think








Once finished it will be running in olive livery that a couple wore during the 80's


As ever any comments welcome :yes:





Recommended Comments

Is that the plough brake that lasted for ever? DS62xxx maybe or something like that. If so, I think I've a 1980s photo of it. Let me know if you need it.

Edit: found my list of photos, it's my ref N20_0018

ZUV Plough DS 62523 built 1914.

PM me if you'd like a copy

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