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Goods Shed

The Fatadder


Progress at last,

Having been suitably inspired visiting Clutton last night, I have spent an hour this morning at the airport awaiting a flight up to Broughton on CAD working on a set of drawings of Cheddar's goods shed.


So far this is only based on photos from one book, (given that was the only one I had scanned photos of) As such there are a couple of areas that require further attention. the village side has two arches based on the end arches as the only photo I have of this side is in the other book, I will rectify this at the weekend.

The railway side is wrong, I just cant get the spacing right. This leads me to believe that I have got the window size wrong.

What I really need is a photo showing the railway side of the goods shed square on that I can scale off.


Length and width were taken from a Planning Portal map and double checked against dimensions from Google Earth and Bing maps.


Now I have the basic plan (subject to the aforementioned changes to the windows etc) I now need to start planning how I am going to build it.


I want to have a fully detailed inside with both end doors open, along with at least one open loading door. my thinking is to go with a wood core clad on both sides with an appropriate embossed plasticard. the roof would also be thin wood clad in laser cut tiles (i suspect that I will need to draw them up given the fancy design). The complicated rodding under the roof will be soldered up from brass rod (and should prove good practice for the station roof.


All of this would be new practice for me and a departure from my usual style of an 80thou plastic core, Its my hope that it should make for a strong structure that will not warp without the requirement for lots of cross bracing inside. Another thing I am debating is getting the wood core laser cut to ensure accuracy, just need to look into the costs.




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Looking through my copy of "Steaming through the Cheddar Valley" it seems as though all of the sheds on the line followed the same pattern. Yes your windows appear somewhat strange and most probably too large. On the prototype the distance between the edge of the window and the corner of the building is larger than the distance between windows.


I believe the shed at Lodge Hill is still standing and may be available for measuring, we demolished the station building and took it to Cranmore many years ago but were not allowed to touch the shed as it was still occupied!



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Much as I would like to go and measure the prototype, given it is now a privet house I'd feel a bit awarkward sneeking into their garden with a tape measure!


The station building its self is an industrial building now so If i need measurements I am less concerned.


I've redrawn the windows now to be taller and to have a narrower spacing between between them. Now I think they are probably too tall requiring another iteration.


I really need to get to grips with GIMP I think, and edit that photo to be end on. That may help with a more accurate size for the windows.


I have also re drawn the doors on the yard side to increace their width. I will be returning to Bristol tomorrow evening, so can finish scanning the photos form the book into GIMP. That will let me finish off that side of the drawing.


I will stock up on meterials at scaleforum, hopefully allowing a first attempt at building next month. (I suspect that as with most of my projects I will end up building a second attempt before the layout is remotely finished!)

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