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Track plan.




i have posted my track plan and a pic i was going to post ages ago.


thank you.


p.s. what is this speed problem?


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Here it is:




Perhaps embeding these objects in your blogs would help as well as giving your blog some more depth of information. Then we can refer directly to what you are talking about. The option for embeding pictures is found at the bottom of the blog posting page. Also why not tell us a bit about your track plan. What is special about the two stations? how did you come to the conclusion as to what buildings you would have where. What other scenery do you plan to have on it and what opperations you think are of benifit. All this is fantastic information for a blog.

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Hi Prodigy,

I see you are slowly improving your blog entries. The inclusion of some pictures does help explain a lot more about what you are up to.


As rcmacchpilot has stated above, you could improve things further by including some more written details such as where your layout is located. (After reading your last entry with your shopping list I would guess London-Midland region somewhere?)


You could also tell us what track and what size and so on. All this kind of stuff would make you blog more interesting and get you more positive comments.


please note that my comments are not to put down your work but, to help you along to better things.


Talk again soon.




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It based in bedford/ kempston

where Marble rose is a LMS Main Line and Silver fox is a LNER Branchline (look it up...)

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You may find that a double loop in that space looks a bit cramped? I was going to suggest you had a look at the "how to build a train set in 6 weeks" thread from the previous incarnation of RMWeb, but it looks to be unavailable at the moment. When it's back, it should be here:




I had a look to see what I could see in the Google cache and internet archive, but without images it won't be much fun. Hopefully Andy will have things up and running again soon...

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