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DJH Duke of Gloucester ready for Xmas



Final few shots of the DJH Duke before it goes back to it's owner ready for Xmas day










Pretty pleased with the finish and the Narrow Planet plates look as good as ever. That's the workbench cleared (nearly) ready for the two Golden Arrow Crosti 9Fs to be finished in the new year :)

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I think the nameplates are a little low. In pictures of the deflectors, in close up, the BOTTOM of the plate would appear to be about 2/3 the way from the running plate to the handrail?

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Good point Jeff, but I was also aware of not getting them too close to the over curved handrail (as supplied and almost impossible to redo without trashing the already fragile deflectors).


I dropped them on in what looked the best position.

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Will you be posting progress on the Crosti's by any chance as they are one of my favourite loco's (I like ugly ones!), and I've got one to do and was thinking of using a Bachmann chassis. Mind I do like your finished DoG. Regards Philip

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If you check back in my blog Philip (starting here) I have started on Crosti #1 (mine), I will be building a similar one one commission as I finish mine in the new year.


Thanks for your kind comments Tim, Andy and Pete. Much appreciated coming from you chaps!


I hope the Vicar likes it :)

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Thanks for your kind comments Tim,


You're welcome - that fine beast would be welcome on my bit of the S&DJR any time!

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My usual HMRS Pressfix, which is a pig as you have to use TWO sheets of GWR lining to get the vertical faces of the running plate done.

Paint is PP P101 B.R. Post 1954 Locomotive Green over satin black car spray.

lots of thin varnish coats with PP satin varnish all applied with my cheapie 6 quid eBay airbrush.

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I'm planning on getting the new Hornby DOG when it eventually becomes available, but it won't be anywhere nearly as good as yours.

And your paintwork and lining are superb!

Well done indeed!


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