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  1. The turnout may have been made at Volker Rail's plant in Scunthorpe.
  2. The loco number does look like 26 to me, albeit quite a curly 6
  3. Have you looked at Ragstone? Much of the A4 stuff was/is common with the A3. Some MAY also still be available on selling sites from either the Hachette Scotsman, or more recently, the Hachette Mallard. But be prepared to do research: you'll need to find out which issue your part/s is/are in, and some are now £££
  4. I found it on a Facebook site about SNCF. It would appear to be a map of the entire SNCF network, showing trains, their speed and direction, signals, permitted line speeds etc. I've not had time to do any more than look, briefly.
  5. https://carto.graou.info/45.99792/0.16891/10.58373/0/0
  6. On many diesels, the loco could be named/numbered differently on each side.
  7. Another vote for Severn Mill. They come as precut sets with any relevant works, or shed, plates included. Have a look at their website.
  8. Card? Well I'm disappointed. With the standard of the other work going on, I was expecting mild steel plates, genuine steel sections, (girders to those who don't come from a steel town), and scale steel rivets.🙂
  9. The Tintin figures will be heavily copyrighted. Those found in shops in larger scales are €€€€
  10. J2170, the chimneys of John Lysaght's or Normanby Park steelworks in the background. Long gone. In those days Scunthorpe had three large steelworks and one or two smaller, employing around 24,000 men. Town was booming, if a little dirty. Calls for the council to attract other industries were treated with derision. Now we have one medium sized works employing around 6000 men, we no longer make our own coke for iron making, so the "four queens", the blast furnaces that make virgin iron, are also under threat.😒 Still, we can make poor quality steel from scrap, and it'll improve our net zero standing...
  11. Have you looked at MMP? I'm pretty sure David does some.
  12. That's very impressive. What was in the rooms on the ground floor?
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