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Cheddar baseboards - getting jiggy with it...





It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog, but plans have developing and the game is most definitely afoot.

Clevedon's now out and about on the circuit which means it's time to start building the next one. Well there's no point in hanging around is there?

So what's happened since the last post? Well, the track plan has been tweaked and twiddled so that all in all, the layout plus fiddle yards is no more than 32ft a ruling dimension stipulated by an exhibition manager who will remain nameless. This means I've trimmed a bit from the Yatton end and scrunched other bits up elsewhere. Very technical this compression lark...

I've taken out the southern most siding (Bryants) as I just couldn't get it to fit.


The buildings will remain as actual, though I haven't measured Axbridge goods shed yet (on my to-do list) as it seems to be a copy of Cheddar from what I can discern from the books.

The 8 main boards have been set at 1000mm wide (3'3") and 820mm (about 2'7") long. The dimensions are set by various factors like reducing the amount of waste material to a bare minimum. Fiddle yards will be 1500mm long.


I've been thinking about the baseboard design and have decided to revert to birch ply. It's going to be a 6mm frame with additional 4mm ends and side profiles (so essentially a 10mm ply frame all round). Track bed will be 9mm ply with extruded polystyrene for the scenic areas.


The wood was purchased using funds acquired from last week's bring and buy at Expo EM so it's all systems go!


First task has been to build the jig I'm going to use to build the boards, so in theory they're all the same size and nice and square. This may seem a bit daft but my garage doesn't have a level floor and I wanted to make a flat surface upon which to build the things. The plan is to eventually use the jig base as the base for the layout's storage and possibly transportation rack. Method in the madness see?


So this week I've finally started. The base of the jig was obtained from the same timber merchant and was purposely cut to the ruling dimensions. The jig as you can see is a framed base with side panels that will be used to set the board frames.


OK so this isn't that exciting in terms of modelling but it does represent a bit of a milestone. It's going to be quiet on here for a while as I slowly work my way through the 8 base boards. But there's no rush.



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Looks good. I know all about the pitfalls of assuming the floor is level, so I can certainly see the point of a jig like this.


I like that WC&PR poster on the door!

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