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Bristol Barrow Road - DCC Wiring - More progress



Having completed fitting all the droppers on the current scenic boards - roundhouse excluded - I have made a start on adding the BUS bars to the layout. I have decided to split the scenic section of the layout into a number of power districts or Zones as follows;

Zone 1 - Up Main

Zone 2 - Down Main

Zone 3 - Turnouts Group 1

Zone 4 - Turnouts Group 2

Zone 5 - Loco Shed Sidings

Zone 6 - Loco Shed coal/ash area

Zone 7 - Loco Shed rear sidings

Zone 8 - Loco Shed Turntable & Roundhouse sidings.


I decided to tackle Zone 5 first it being the easiest area to get at. Here are a few photos of work so far. I have added a BUS bar for the five loco shed sidings attaching wires from each dropper to the appropriate cable.



Part of Zone 5 includes the 5 shed sidings alongside the roundhouse and workshop


The following three show the underside of this board.







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Can I ask if there's a reason why the droppers come through the board and are then soldered to another connector, BEFORE being soldered to the busbar? Why not straight to busbar? I'd have thought the more soldered joints, the more chance of a fault?


Or am I not seeing something?

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Hi Jeff, It's just my preferred method. I fit the droppers with a tag and solder them to the Palatine rail dropper, Doing it this way enables me to find the best position for the BUS bar prior to connecting it all together. Also it makes it more unlikely to put off a wire from the rail dropper at a later stage. 

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